Vol. 7, Issue 34

Here's a highlight to the awesome femmes who're being featured in this issue!

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    On the Edge

    It's not difficult to see the difference between JRPGs and WRPGs when it comes to characters.

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    Convention Corner

    I feel like it's only been yesterday since I've gone to one of these conventions...

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    Kwality Kwidditch

    RQT Survivor is trivia, luck, objects falling from the sky, various weapons, and cut-throat teammates.


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    HOL Hunger Games

    These Games were so much more intense than I could've imagined.

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    Nosebleed Nougats

    Let's pick apart the most popular of the Skiving Snackbox sweets, the Nosebleed Nougat.

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    Book: Toads and Diamonds

    Toads and Diamonds addresses a world similar to an ancient Indian empire.

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    Befriend a Badger

    Badgers make excellent friends, and I am here to prove it to you.