Current Staff

  • Prof. Cassandra Lobiesk (Editor-in-Chief)
  • Silmarien Szilagyi (Editor)
  • Polaris Black (Editor)
  • Ashley Margaret (Editor)
  • Ariella McManus (Columnist)
  • Sirius Fudge (Guest Writer)


Alte has the following positions:


Must be able to create and maintain a website layout for Alte using already created graphics. Webmaster uploads articles and publishes the site per issue. Currently, the entire Alte page is powered by WordPress, so experience in that is a major plus. To apply for the position, please email with a link to previous works and why you think you would be right for the job. List the subject heading as “Webmaster Position” and be sure to include your full HOL name and year.


Must be able to research and write articles on a regular basis. Please send a paragraph no longer than 200 words on "FLOATING CITIES" to along with your full HOL name and year. Staff Writers will receive 10 points per submission (20 for articles and 20 for graphics, plus 10 for anything extra). Also, if you would like to apply for a column, please note that you need to apply as a staff writer, as columns would have to be published per issue (or every other issue). I'm very lax with taking people off the list of staff writers, but if all I get is one submission for a column by the fourth or fifth Alte issue for the year, then I have no problems with taking your name off and having you reapply again to write a column.

To apply for a column: Along with your 200-word application, please also provide your column idea and a sample of something you would *write* for that column. Depending on whether or not I (and the editors) approve it, the written piece could be your first submission for the issue.

Guest Writers

Guest writers, unlike staff writers, may submit an article for any issue they want, are not required to apply, or under any obligation for future publication. Guest Writers will receive 10 points per article (maximum 20 for articles and 20 for graphics). Guest writers who ask to have their articles approved are still expected to submit by deadline, otherwise their submissions are moved to the next issue.

When both staff and guest writers have signed up to submit something for a particular issue, please try your best to get it in on time. During the schoolyear, I do work on a schedule, and I try to give the editors as much time to edit the articles as possible. Then I start to publish on a given day I set aside for myself. I am not a person with a lot of time on my hands when I go back to my uni campus, so I would really like it if the deadlines are met (give or take 2-3 days of lateness). If I keep getting volunteers who fail to meet deadlines 3 or more times in a row, I will not be allowing you to write for the paper for a given time.


Editors for the newspaper will look through each submitted article and edit for grammar and content. This position is only opened for a limited period of time. Application for this position is the following:

Send an email to with your HOL Name, Year, and ID (in a subject of "Editor Position"). Please also include the following:

  1. Alte is a monthly/bi-monthly newspaper, which means that editors have around one or two weeks to edit articles (either a week after the deadline or two weeks after the deadline). How much time will you be able to edit, provided we need at least two people to read and sign off on the article?
  2. Include an edited version of the passage:
    "A variety of magical maladies are in evidence in the waiting room of St Mungo's -- from a small child who has sprouted, huge feathery wings to a man who is wearing jined shoes which ate his feet. Also present is a man whose head rings like a bell whenever he moves it, a woman whose head has been made into something like a teapot (she also whistles and gives off steam), and people with strange things growing out of them, such as an elephant's trunk.

    Apart form diseases we have poisoning, which is very dangerous. To battle against poisoning, it is very useful to know about the extraordinary antidote that works with almost all the poisoning-- the bezoar. Here is some esearch on theis particular antidote"
  3. Any other tidbits that lets the current editors and me know how interested you are in doing this.

Editors will receive a maximum of 30 points at my discretion.