Vol. 7, Issue 35

The penguin means business, guys. Better listen to it.

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    Strike A Pose!

    Holiday season has arrived, and along with other goodies, it brings us an array of trends.

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    Cranky Corner

    I love cake. Anyway, I undertook a project I thought would turn out pretty badly.

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    Femme Fatales of SciFi

    Astrophysicist. Brigadier General. Woman.


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    Hungarian Christmas

    Say the word "present" and children around the world think of two things: their birthday or Christmas.

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    A Guide to Coughs

    Oh no! You have an itch in your throat. Should you cough it out or try to suppress it?

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    Book: Magic Study

    I thought it would be fitting that I do a follow-up on my review of Poison Study by doing one of its sequel.

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    TV: Arrow

    Skepticism was all around the idea of the Green Arrow being turned into a TV Show.