Vol. 8, Issue 42

There's a dragon in there somewhere. Eggs-cited yet?

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    The Sim Life

    Fires don't just start by accident.

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    My crack at Kraków became more emotional than I'd anticipated.

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    Strike A Pose!

    I don’t know about you, but it felt like winter would never end.


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    Femme Fantastique

    The Big League has been gradually chipped away to include empowered females with kick-butt abilities.

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    Skeletal Spotlight

    The English word "skull" comes from skalli, the Old Norse word for "bald." Clever name.

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    Movie: The LEGO Movie

    I spent hours playing with Legos when I was younger; imagine my excitement when there would be a Lego movie.

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    Game: Burial at Sea

    Burial at Sea took me full circle, even with the DLC's ending sending my brain to emotional apocalypse.