Vol. 9, Issue 45

Stay warm and toasty, Upper Hemisphere! For those still experiencing summer...I stare at you with envy.

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    Razzle Dazzle

    Just because the snow's restricted to the outdoors doesn't mean that fun is.

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    EuroEats (I)

    When you think of German cuisine, you probably think beer.

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    EuroEats (II)

    Istanbul is a flavorful place that I simply must return to.


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    Piers the Punster

    While some writers employ the extended metaphor, Piers Anthony employs the extended pun.

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    Movie: Big Hero 6

    When the Walt Disney Company acquired Marvel Comics, everyone expected big things to happen. They didn't disappoint.

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    TV: Avatar the Last Airbender, Book 2

    This issue, I will continue onward and discuss the subsequent season, "Book 2: Earth."

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    Game: Dragon Age Inquisition

    After clocking over a hundred hours since November, it's safe to say that I've gotten obsessed with DAI.