Vol. 10, Issue 49

Because there's never any better time to unwrap the Alte than on the holidays!

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    Dragon, Unicorn

    Have questions? Dragon and Unicorn have answers!

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    ...surprised to learn that Denmark's national dish is not seafood, but pork.

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    Occasionally I like games where I can just mindlessly go through the motions.


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    Pleated Christmas Hearts

    The pleated heart, a staple on Danish Christmas trees.

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    TV: The Legend of Korra, Book 2

    I honestly wasn't sure what to expect from the second season of Legend of Korra.

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    Men of Thedas

    I'm a woman. I like men. I like fantasy role-playing games. I like living vicariously through characters.

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    All That Glitters

    Topaz, surprisingly for all the lovely colors it comes in, is traditionally colorless in it's pure form.