Drabble Babble Challenge: Gifts Edition

December 2015

Actions are Gifts, too

by February Fortescue (Slytherin)

Several years ago I found myself completely broke, but friends and family would stop by and drop off presents and I had nothing in return. I felt so embarrassed. I wanted to share in the gift giving, but I had nothing. Suddenly, I had an idea. I grabbed some index cards, wrote on them, wrapped them in pretty, clear paper, and tied them with ribbon. Depending on the person, I wrote something such as:


Good for two dish washings of your choice; two nights of free baby sittings; two free house sittings; two free car washes

Expiration Date: None

Fan Letter - True Story

by February Fortescue (Slytherin)

At age fifteen, I wrote a fan letter to my favorite actor, telling him how amazing I knew he was, and thanking him for his gifting me with decades of entertainment. I mailed my letter, hoping it would arrive on Christmas Eve. I didn't know if he would ever see it, but I wanted it to be a small gift, a tiny token of gratitude. I asked for nothing in return. The following Valentine's Day, I received from him a photograph of himself, autographed in pink marker:

To "February"

All best

Roddy McDowall

Wow. Now that's what I call class.....

Fantasy Gifts

by Polaris Black

Neiman Marcus, an American luxury specialty department store, introduced fantasy gifts in its already legendary Christmas Catalog 55 years ago. A fantasy gift can’t be a trick or a stunt or just very expensive; it must represent the best of what it is. People get access to things they might otherwise not have access to and a charitable donation is made for each gift. The most expensive gift ever offered was a $35 million (US) business jet.

Anyone want to tour Biosphere 2 and then view the Earth from a luxury pressurized capsule that has been lifted 100,000 feet by a high-altitude balloon?

The Gift

by Riliey Starshine (Hufflepuff)

Riliey hurried downstairs on Christmas. There, under the tree, was a very long box.

"Presents after breakfast," her mom reminded her. After everyone had finally finished eating she rushed out to her gift.

"Lets save that one for last," said her father. Riliey, with all the patients someone could expect from a Hufflepuff, waited until only one gift remained under the tree. She opened it. Inside were thousands of colorful beans. "Bertie Bott's your favorite!," Her mother tried not to laugh, but her dad had already given it away. "Your new broom is in the shed," he revealed between giggles.

The Gift of the Magi

by Polaris Black

As a child, I read O. Henry’s “The Gift of the Magi”, an ironic short story that I still think about during the holidays. Della and Jim, a down-on-their-luck couple, have no money to buy Christmas presents. Della’s most prized possession is her beautiful knee-length hair, which she sells to buy Jim a fob for his heirloom pocket watch. Jim sells his cherished pocket watch in order to buy Della a set of jeweled tortoise hair combs. At first their useless gifts seemed foolish, but like the magi, they actually gave each other the wisest gifts of all.

Kingship would rightly come to you

by Niniel Sanders

"You don't actually intend to have anything crafted for Uncle Nolofinwe, do you?" Macalaure asked his brother.

"What makes you think so?" Maitimo asked, looking up from his work.

"Because you never were the type to delay" Macalaure answered.

"Maybe I am now." his brother countered. "Much has changed."

Macalaure shook his head. "Not that much."

"No.. no, I suppose not." Maitimo said.

He watched Macalaure for a few moments, judging whether to tell him.

Then said, "I intend to give him the crown."

Macalaure nodded. "They won't like it."

"I know, but they will have to live with it."

One Day in the Sett

by Sirius Fudge (Hufflepuff)

Sirius woke up one morning, feeling good. Maxim's laughter filled the room. In the dorms, Lilly, Ive, and Marcie were playing with the snitch. Tarma was nowhere to be found. Headmaster Zoki and HoH Fels and Rorey were chatting in the fireplace. Lamia, Lila, and Leonie were meeting in their 'L' Club. Riliey, Katelin, Alex, and Elizabeth were poring over the OWLs. Bobby, Cassie and other first years were playing boggle. Meredith was planning something. Asky and Cosmo were knitting. Sirius brought cookies from the kitchens and laid it on the table for all to eat. The sight was awesome!

One Fine Day

by Sirius Fudge (Hufflepuff)
Sirius searched the castle for adventures. He found Sulley and Kai resting under the cypress tree. "It had been a long time, you two." Sirius greeted them. Kai was playing with the snitch. Sulley was reading a book. Sirius thought that the book was about a valley full of sunshine daisies and any other yellow and joyful thing. It was years since the three had share sleepless nights of Quidditch and some chatting here and there. They stayed under the tree until Tarma called Sirius. He was glad that Kai had "forced" him to play Quidditch. He will always be.

The Perfect Gift

by Niniel Sanders

Take paper made with care, and cut it precisely, with scissors made of thoughtfulness.

Then place the parcel picked with happiness on top, and wrap it up with sweetness until the whole gift is covered in a smooth layer of friendship.

Once that is done, cut a lenght of ribbon with joy, and wrap it around your gift with tenderness. Then tie a bow with anticipation and curl the ends with generosity.

Now the gift is perfect, yet one thing still lacks.

The most important thing of all.

The final instruction on how to give the perfect gift:

With love.

Presents Tense, Part 1

by Meredith Malkins (Hufflepuff)

All of Hogwarts knows that the Badgers are... Trouble. This year's infamous "Huffleween" showed that hidden trait.

But now it's about time something more exciting than the Battle of The Redocorating Committees happened in the Sett. It's time for a mystery!

Meredith was cautiously leaving the Sett, on her way to Divination, when she tripped outside the entrance to the Sett. Though several possibilities sprang to mind, the culprit was, in fact, a box.

It was large-ish, yellow with a red bow. A tag read: "To the Badgers, From a Friendly Observer".

Meredith decided to get back-up with this surprise...

Presents Tense, Part 2

by Meredith Malkins (Hufflepuff)

"Guys, you'll want to see this..."

Tarma and Maxim were at the front of the crowd that flooded in, and Meredith decided from their faces this wasn't their doing. She would've asked, but she wasn't talking to them anymore. She hadn't recovered from last time she tried to be nice to those two!

A chant started up over more sensible questions. "OPEN IT!"

Meredith untied the ribbon and lifted the lid. Suddenly, everything around the Badgers was different. It all looked antique. And... new.

"Tarma, you didn't actually put a portal to the 17th century in a box, did you?"

The Process of Finding the Perfect Gift

by Riliey Starshine (Hufflepuff)

I have no idea what to get them.

Everyone can use one of those, but what if they already have one?

This one's great! ...and way out of my budget.

I think her favorite color is red, at least it was when we were kids. What if she hates that color now?

Oh, I found it the perfect gift! Click. Order complete, now we just have to wait until it ships.

What if I got the wrong size?

Wait, was it really him who said he liked that movie?

Maybe they've outgrown that phase.

Can I still cancel my order?