90 Degrees and Sunny

June 2016
Arielle Lemoyne

And the weather today is...hot. It was 90 degrees and sunny, with no wind and a zero percent chance of rain. Arielle didn't want to spend the whole day sitting in her apartment, but it was really too hot to do anything else. She already tried to go running and nearly died, she wasn't about to go hiking or wander around downtown, and she definitely wasn't going to go volunteer at the humane society, where they made you wear long pants regardless of the temperature.

"What would be really nice," thought Arielle, "would be to go swimming." She'd never been to any of the waterparks in town, but she heard one of them had a lazy river, and floating around on an inflatable raft for a few hours sounded delightful. She pondered for a few minutes about whether it would be weird to go alone and whether the $9 entry fee was really worth it, but the relaxation of the water was so appealing that she put aside her worries, and decided to go.

It took a while to get ready - Arielle had to change into her bathing suit, lather on the sunscreen, and pack up some snacks. Finally, she headed out for her relaxing day in the sun! As soon as she got to the waterpark, she set her stuff down on a chair in the shade, and headed straight for the lazy river.

The park was packed with kids, and she had to be careful not to trip over any of them, or get knocked her herself, as she made her way over to the much less crowded river. In fact, there was nobody there! But as she got closer, she realized why... the lazy river was totally drained of water, and there was a "closed for maintenance" sign draped over the entrance.

Arielle almost cried. She made her way back to her chair and decided she'd have to settle for a nap in the shade. Hot sunny days were always the worst.