The Hidden Realm

June 2016
Astrid Black

The world was ancient and the magick it held, powerful. Few could see the realm that lied beneath the mundane vision of reality that humans had come to accept. The hidden world was indeed quite real. Then there are those that were born to it. Different kinds of people and each possessed their own kind of magick. The magic that the Mother had given them and the Father had taught them how to use.

They were called many things. Druids, gypsies, shamans, demigods, witch doctors, alchemists...there were many names to many kinds of power. But as time wore on the magi children became persecuted and hunted. To save themselves they scattered to the winds. Their ways became shrouded in mist and secrecy, most of them had forgotten all together through the ages. The magi that forgot their heritage to the hidden realm became the Lost Ones. Every now and then one or two would rediscover the old ways and find themselves once more connected. Some were never of the Magi and were inducted in when they accepted the Rites. And there were the special few that were born to a new age and yet already connected. These were the Forever Bound.

The souls that were born to the world by the God and Goddess and were always part of the Hidden Realm. Even if they didn't know it. These souls were few and highly gifted but in the age of disbelief and skepticism, most never rediscovered their ancestry. Most, even if they were Forever Bound, were completely lost to the Common Domain.

Every once in a great while, one will find its way home. Though there is a grave danger to those that do. The power held in the Forever Bound is highly prized. The dark fiends want the magick and the Magi leaders each want to use it for their own gain. To be one is a great gift. To love one is a great trial. Neither path is carefree...nor altogether safe.