A Fragile Strand

June 2016
Matilde Rayne

Andromeda Tonks left her childhood home rather abruptly, not all that long after leaving Hogwarts. Many unkind words were exchanged that day. Most were shouted and cursed between parents who were disgusted with their daughter's choices, and a daughter who was equally disgusted with her parents' beliefs. Still more words caught between Andromeda and her older sister, Bellatrix, who seemed to think the whole thing a joke and laughed in her sister's face. Just a single word was shared between Andromeda and Narcissa: goodbye. The cold sadness in both of their eyes revealed more than could ever have been said with words. With so much resentment, sadness, and bitterness attached to that last day spent with those she once held closest to her heart, it's no small wonder that Andromeda continued on in life very unwilling to relive even the good memories that came before. She never thought of how she and Narcissa used to play in their mother's garden, and how Narcissa's favorite flower was hydrangea. She did not want to remember the warm hug and huge grin Bellatrix gave her when Andromeda first joined her at the Slytherin table in the Great Hall. And she certainly did not want to remember all the times her mother tucked her into bed. Many years passed. The Dark Lord was defeated, and while Andromeda felt a great swoop of joy upon hearing that news, it was tempered by the pain she felt at losing her husband, daughter, and son-in-law - and even at the pain of losing Bellatrix, though she truly had lost her long ago. The wizarding world was a brighter place, but her own world had just a single bright spark: years before, it was her and Ted alone, and for years to come it would be her and Teddy. An unexpected visitor changed all of that, though, as one day Andromeda answered a knock at the door and came face to face with Narcissa. This time, more than a single word was exchanged - and, in fact, before too long, the sisters were overflowing with shared memories. Although there was still a great distance to go in mending their relationship, Andromeda knew that it wasn't just her and Teddy anymore - it was her and Teddy and Narcissa, and perhaps one day also Draco and Lucius.