February 2014 Prof. Cassandra Lobiesk

Climbing up the career ladder is no joke. There are at least ten steps to get to the highest position on a given job, and several ways in achieving them. And as often as I've played Sims 3--admittedly, not as much lately, 'cause I've moved on to other games--not every Ravenclaw Sim has managed to achieve his or her highest job level. That said, it's amusing to see them try at their jobs, because there really is no knowing what they're bound to do next!

*Note: For easier reading, I've lessened the graphics a bit. To see the extra graphics, you can click on the links provided in this article.

The Arts

HOL Ravenclaw is not without its artists! From painting and sculpting to creative writing, to even cooking and baking (which are fine arts, I would say), my Sims have them covered! Silmarien is the epitome of the term artist in Ravenclaw Sunset Valley, mostly due to her wide array of artistic skills. Lately she's an Acrylic Ace, which means she's a mistress at masterpiece portraits and an expert in sculpture work. And yes, it's all kinds of sculpture work, in every medium...even grass penguins.

Which is not to say that Cassandra and Amy L. have less talent. Oh, far from it! Like Sil, Cassie tends to keep to herself when working, often pounding away at the keys (or staring at an almost blank screen) to get at her stories. She sometimes reads a bit, too, since as a Ghostwriter, she has to do her research. Don't fret, though, she and Ryan have many parties in their yard, so her social life isn't lacking.

Meanwhile, Amy L. is climbing up mastery in the cooking world. As a Line Cook she has access to fresh and sought-after ingredients, some of which she uses in her bartending. She's also still a member of the Llewellyns, so if that's not artistic enough, I don't know what is!

The Sciences

Sometimes I feel like these science-Sims are just a wee bit mad. Then I remember who ended up in both medical and scientific fields and I sort of begin to understand that mad doesn't even cover the basics. I'm talking about Scarlet L. and Maya, of course. Scarlet may seem like an ordinary Paramedic, but many members of the Sim community seem to disagree on that matter. In fact, have you seen the size of her vaccination needle? Lord, no wonder people try to think of oceans in the summer breeze while they're being prodded.

Maya is no better, what with a Mad Scientist designation in her name. When not booby trapping her roommate Sophia's desk, she's experimenting on ladybugs and turning them into some highly irradiated glowing thing. Don't forget the obligatory victory fist-pump.


Ah, the informers and future news anchors...It seemed like only yesterday when Alexia was digging for scandal in garbage cans. Nowadays, as an Obscure Clue Summoner, she's a little more refined. With her bicycle handy, she travels the valley in search of mysteries. Also, am I the only one who thinks it's so like those retro detective novels when looking at Alex entering a café?

Gus also deals in information, though as a beginner in the field of journalism, he's still a long way from hitting that Editor-in-Chief position. Still, he seems happy to be an Automated Spell Checker Checker (yes, that is his official title).

Business and Politics

Admittedly, I lumped the two careers due to their penchant to having to deal with people on a regular basis. In fact, one could argue it's a must that people like you. This seems easy enough for Ryan L. who has recently taken hold of his business firm, Puffskein Trading Commission, as its newly-appointed Vice President. He's got the house, he's got the car, and he's got the money. Is it no wonder he's always so frelling cheerful?

Rhiannon, on the other hand, has a lot of ideas of bettering the free world. While currently she's designated as a Yes-Woman drumming up for world peace, she has much bigger ambitions to follow. Rhi does want to be leader of the free world someday, so she's not above looking good for the camera or inciting riots with her impassioned speeches.

Quidditch Players

Alright, so they don't technically have quidditch as a professional career goal in the Sims, but I'd like to consider these two Sims as quidditch players in every aspect. I mean, Mark is a Fighter Pilot who constantly trains both his body and mind by running in scenic countryside and reading books on logic. Not to mention he's got some partiality to shiny objects.

Kyrie also does a lot of training, though admittedly, her previous career path had been as an International Super Spy. Alas, she had gotten a little bored with the career (more like she was getting tired of accidentally burning other people's houses and getting trapped inside), and decided she'd pass on her college quidditch skills to the young and unassuming, as a Toddler Sports Coach.

Crimefighters and Criminals

Now that criminals and monsters are prevalent in Sims 3 (well, come on, there are vampires, ghosts, and plant people...), it's no surprise that we have crimefighters--and the ones doing the crime--fully in our wake! Edmund is prolific at fighting crime, and he's received a couple of accolades in doing so. Not only does he battle monsters and put out fires, but as a Backdraft Specialist, he also has special kicking-down-the-door maneuvers and carrying-children-to-safety techniques.

Ulol does his own kind of crime-fighting as well, by being the town's only Paranormal Expert. When he's not curating cemeteries or expelling ghosts with his handy dandy machine, he's watching on his clients' televisions or having a dance party with the very same ghost he's being paid to expel. Yeah, Ulol has some strange priorities...

And lastly, the criminal himself: Pavel. As a Getaway Driver, Pavel has a lot of work left ahead of him to get into a higher position in his Polly-C Want Crackers cartel. He must train his body and his mind, manipulating others with Internet mind games. He also practices illicit activities, and finds prison time an opportunity to think up new ways into smuggling crackers into Ravenclaw Sunset Valley.

Miscellaneous Careers

Whew! That was a handful of careers there! Keep in mind, the above is certainly not a full list of careers or jobs in the Simverse. There are teachers (Tarma), interior decorators (Zoki), bookshop owners (Sophia), fitting room guards (Arielle), blue light special designators (Ryan G.), and students, musicians, and actors. I could not possibly fit them all, and there was no point taking pictures of things I couldn't see. But fear not, for the other Sims will certainly find themselves back on the column sooner than you can imagine!