Drabble Babble Challenge: Dogs Edition

February 2014

An Ancient Past

by Amy Lupin

When one thinks of animals during Ancient Egyptian times, cats tend to come to mind. While dogs may not have been as revered as cats, they were still valued and were even regarded as part of the family, not unlike modern times. They were usually named after traits, colours or even numbers. Dogs were also part of other ancient civilizations, such as Turkey, Sumeria, India, Greece and Rome. For example, Cerberus, the three-headed dog, features in Greek mythology. Even in ancient times, dogs were seen as protectors. Dogs are believed to have first been domesticated around 12,000 BC if not earlier.

Bespectacled Boy

by Margaret Faulkner

A small bespectacled boy with was rushing across Hogwarts grounds. he was far smaller than the other first years and was nearly drowning in his Gryffindor robes. He was not entirely sure why he had been sorted into the house of the brave as he was in fact quite timid. Lost in his thoughts he just barely heard a sound as of some animal crying out. Several older students were throwing rocks at a stray dog. He shouted at them and in an attempt to avoid detention they fled. And in that moment he knew he really was a Gryffindor.

Catching by a Dog

by Estin Lusiandra (Slytherin)

One day, my mother told me to buy soap at the store. Then I left. On the way, I saw a large white dog. He was asleep on a bench. Then I walked slowly so he does not wake up. Finally I got to the store and buy a soap. on the way home, someone threw a rock into the dog. The dog woke up and saw me in front of him. Without thinking, I quickly ran into the house. The dog ran behind me quickly as well. Arriving home, I went straight into the house with the sweat pouring.


by Meredith Malkins (Hufflepuff)

Russel ran over marshland, pausing at the crack between the plastic & the failed art-project. The wolf-pack chasing him stopped nearby. They couldn't see his hiding-spot, hollowed in the dump. The Miniature-Schnauzer had beaten them, & they were furious he'd taken dinners' leftovers. But now he ran through his tunnels, to an alcove he'd made by dragging plastic sheets for supports. Little-Two-Legs sat there, waiting for food. Russel shred meat for LTL, who promptly ate it. Russel had found LTL on his own, crying & cold, like Russel had been once. While LTL was bigger, it needed it's mother. Russel would help it.

Dogs Ruls the Earth

by Prof. Tarma Amelia Black (Hufflepuff)

Dogs rule the earth. At this moment, they are allowing humans to apparently rules them, but dogs know better. At some time in the near future, a collective vote will be taken up amongst the dogs and it will be determined whether or not the two-legged species will be allowed to continue on this planet. Other species will also be in on the vote, all domesticated species of animals and plants (yes, plants are conscious beings too), but since the two-leggers cannot measure that consciousness (because they confuse intellect with intelligence) they will be vastly surprised when their rule ends.

The Dog Star

by Amy Lupin

The name of Harry's godfather is quite apt, considering that Sirius, the brightest star at night, is known as the Dog Star. It forms part of the Canis Major or Greater Dog constellation. In ancient times, Sirius served as a rather important sign. When it became visible on the horizon just prior to sunrise, this indicated that the Nile would soon be flooding. For the Ancient Greeks and the Romans, however, this was a sign that the hottest days of the summer were upon them. The name Sirius is derived from the Ancient Greek word "seirios", meaning "glowing" or "scorcher".

Hide and Seek

by Maxwell Shadow (Slytherin)

The word wasn’t spoken often in their house, but when it was everything always went wrong. Only four little letters but the terror that accompanied it was vast: BATH! He’d known that they were coming for him when he’d seen the special bottle of doggy bubbles being taken up the stairs and into the room where the nasty object was kept. He’d heard the running water through the closed door and decided not to give in without a fight. If they wanted him they would have to find him first! His hiding place was good and he felt safe here.

The Invader

by Maxwell Shadow (Slytherin)

His dreams were filled with all his favourite things: Running through the park and chasing birds, ducks or anything that got in his way; Chewing on bones so meaty and juicy; playing with his people, chasing balls all over the house and garden; eating anything he could get hold of and gobbling up all leftovers. It was a simple life. A good life. One he didn’t plan on giving up any time soon. The house had recently been invaded by a little one that barked loudly but he wasn’t going to be pushed out. After all… he was a cat!

The Litter

by Prof. Scarlet Leslie

Chip, the Bearded Collie next door, had given birth to five puppies. Dana and Princess were identical except that Princess had white on both ears. Soon, it was clear that Dana was fearless, while Princess was fearful of going down any steps alone. The last sister, Spot (named for the one top of her head), was extremely playful. Toby had a T-shaped marking on his head. While all the other puppies were black like their mother, Denny inherited the taupe coat of his father, Dennis. It was an amazing experience watching the puppies grow significantly over a few short months.

Love; Friendship

by Sierra Potter (Gryffindor)

This story also happened years ago, but this is the first one happened.

There was a boy, lived and fulled by love from his family and friends. Unfortunately, he was extremely poor. He even couldn't buy a toy which was popular. It made him very sad.

One day, when he wandered in a forest near from his house, he found a crossbreed dog. His parents—especially his father—taught him to love all living creatures. So, he brought the dog back to his house.

The dog became a part in his family. He loved the dog and so did it.

Love; Sacrificial

by Sierra Potter (Gryffindor)

In a little city, there were a boy and a dog. They were always together.

One day, the dog was missing. The boy was very sad. He searched it all day and found it in drain. Someone had injuried it and made it deformity. But his love wasn't decreased.

Years later, the boy's house burned. The boy was sleeping when the tragedy happened. The dog was beside him, sensed what happened and tried to save the boy. The boy saved but the dog didn't.

Until he told this story to his children, he hasn't found a dog like his one.

Mischief Managed

by Fumei Shirokuro

Somehow it would have to be possible. Cracking her brain around the problem, Fumei was trying to figure out a way to infiltrate the Eagles nest, where she succeeded in the other Common Rooms.

She tried it with freshly baked goods. Which didn’t work, as they were stolen by Cassie.

The next try was her lost my pillow strategy. Of course the eagles saw through that.

And then Fumei had the most genius idea ever. An idea that couldn’t fail no matter what. It was then that Fumei decided to dress up as a dog and just to set foot inside the Eagles Nest.

Murie the Kelpie

by Prof. Tarma Amelia Black (Hufflepuff)

Murie the Kelpie excels at many things. She is an excellent alarm clock, an exuberant dancer when it is dinner time and a stalwart barker-at-strange-noises. She will watch some of my movies with me, especially appearing to enjoy The Avengers and LoTR. She enjoys feeding the horses with me, prancing ahead of me down the long drive and hill and then running about while I do the lifting of hay and stuff. Then she prances ahead of me on the way back UP the lane and hill, showing that she is multitalented in prancing both up hill and down hill.

New in Town

by Fumei Shirokuro (Gryffindor)

Six weeks old and already leaving the next. Unsteadily walking on its legs. A little bit shy, but also curious. The first steps through a new environment. Which is always scary, especially when everything is so much bigger. Not only is everything very new, all the new owners can do is cuddle, huddle and smother them. Dragging them around and being strict when they pee or poo inside the house. Receiving punishment when they don’t do anything wrong. The first week of a puppy in a new home is so harsh. But still they will love the new owner in the end.

Novelty Dogs

by Polaris Black

Ron Weasley decided to take his family with him to a Texas Novelty trade show. In a moment of weakness, Ron was persuaded to take their pet Crup, whom Hugo mischievously named Accio. As they were sightseeing in downtown Dallas, they saw a Dachshund with pink and green ears, a rainbow tail and a bow in her fur. Astonished, Rosie asked her mother if dogs could be Metamorphmagi but even Hermione was stymied. When they saw a Zombie dog exiting an extreme grooming establishment, Hermione agreed that Rosie and Hugo could decorate Accio when they got back to their hotel.

Service Dogs

by Polaris Black

I just returned from an Internet field trip to 4 Paws for Ability, an American non-profit organization that matches trained dogs with disabled adults and children. Although any breed can become a service dog, most are Labradors, golden retrievers and German shepherds. It costs $22,000 to train a dog for 500 hours in things like mobility work and intelligent disobedience for dangerous situations. When a dog has a vest on, he knows he’s working so he doesn’t engage in reckless behavior. Dogs are nonjudgmental and love their owner’s unconditionally so they become an emotional and physical anchor for the owner.

Velcro Dog

by Prof. Scarlet Leslie

My neighbors decided to get a new dog. Another Bearded Collie would have been too crazy, three big dogs in one home? Instead, they chose a dog that looks like a miniature Bearded Collie - a Havanese. All the puppies in his litter had a H name. They kept the name Homer because of the baseball reference. Homer keeps everyone on their toes. He will jump on Denny to get him to play. He will bark at strangers walking by the house. He will wrestle his dog bed. And if he likes you, Homer will attach to you like velcro.