Drabble Babble Challenge: Sun Edition

July 2014

A New Day

by Amy Lupin

She took a deep breath before opening her eyes.

Thoughts about what had recently transpired whirled around her mind, chasing each other relentlessly.

She then let out her breath, hoping that the air rushing out of her lungs would somehow expel her thoughts along with it.

As her eyes gradually adjusted to her surroundings, she caught sight of a beam of sunlight as it danced across her duvet. It provided the slightest bit of warmth.

Nature's song called out to her: the rustling trees and the chirping birds blended into a beautiful melody.

She smiled. It was a new day.


by Kyrie Adderholt

When asked to name something huge, quite a few people would probably say the sun because it is pretty damn big. I, however, would say the ego of a certain Ravenclaw professor. Her ego is so big (this sounds like one of those yo momma jokes) that it is a miracle Hogwarts can hold it all. Her ego is so big you can sense her presence from at least 50 yards. Her ego is so big it requires its own office. If you haven’t figured out who I’m talking about, walk into the Great Hall and ask who is fiercest.

Sun Triggers Lightning

by Polaris Black

New research suggests that the solar wind - the stream of particles launched from the rotating sun at over a million miles per hour every 27 days - triggers a 32% increase in lightening strikes on the Earth for more than a month afterwards. The data represents events that occurred within a 500km radius from central England so it is not known if the solar wind effect is global or whether the effect is different in different regions. It is hoped that by linking solar wind events to the severity of lightening storms, the accuracy of regional weather forecasting could be improved.

"The Sun": A Muggle Tabloid Newspaper

by Polaris Black

Whenever he went to Hampton Court, Martin Miggs made it a point to buy a copy of “The Sun” tabloid, which he read at Treats Café in Surbiton Station. After thanking Elarica for bringing his usual treacle tart and coffee, he joined other patrons reading about the Millenium Bridge disaster. His friend Penelope Taylor, hospitalized with a broken leg and pelvis, attributed her survival to the fact that she stopped to watch plumes of smoke before the bridge was attacked by a non-human foe. Although the collapsed bridge was examined by top structural and terrorist experts, their findings were inconclusive.

Planetary Sun

by Prof. Scarlet Leslie

Five Ravenclaws discovered new planets in different galaxies in astronomy class. They named their planets and noticed that all of them have different numbers of suns (2-10). The five planets are the one in Andromeda galaxy, Novis, Zacury, one with 8 suns, and Arielle's. Epleon has two less suns than the planet in Whirlpool, which has less than Shiloh's planet. The planet in Pinwheel galaxy has 4 suns. Iris's planet has two less suns than Xatune (not in Sunflower galaxy). Kaiwa's planet in Triangulum has half the suns as Arielle's. Zacury has more suns than Epleon. Polaris's planet (not Abriri) has 6 suns.

Sky Ball

by Prof. Scarlet Leslie

The sun out and shining can only mean one thing: Summer is coming! That also means transitioning from indoor to sand/beach volleyball. For me, preparation for summer volleyball includes looking for sunblock, dusting off sunglasses, and figuring out where my brothers kicked my outdoor volleyball. Despite the fact that it is impossible to pancake in the sand, sand volleyball comes with a few of its own perks. The sky ball, for instance. This is a serve that is hit so high in the sky, in hopes that your opponent loses it in the sun (maybe even cause temporary blindness).

The Storm

by Amy Lupin

A clap of thunder sounded nearby. The darkness was briefly dispelled.

Josh huddled closer to his sister Heather and put an arm around her. He whispered that everything would be okay. A lie, he thought, but that along with his warmth was all he could offer her.

Throughout the night, the storm raged. Their hut shuddered every so often, mimicking the siblings' own behaviour.

After days had seemingly passed, the sky began to lighten, so gradually that Josh scarcely noticed it at first. He nudged Heather awake and together they watched the sunrise. They had made it through another day.

Warm Summer's Day

by Kyrie Adderholt

It was a warm summer’s evening in ancient Greece…wait, wrong introduction. It was a warm summer’s day on the Hogwarts grounds. I was meeting with Ashley Margaret to being plotting the Summer Quidditch League that was due to begin the following month. We had decided to meet at a random spot outside in order to avoid people wanting to cause drama over quidditch. We spent a few hours planning and everything was going very smoothly. However, I had forgotten about the biggest drama queen of all: the sun. By the end of the day I was redder than a tomato.

A Thousand Suns

by Prof. Cassandra Lobiesk

When asked to describe the crazy fierceness of my head prefects, I was given the understanding that it would be as fiery as a thousand suns. Their glares certainly were, and so was their fury when I tried to steal their toys. Maybe giving them grief is a bad idea. But it's pretty fun to do. So long as you wear the proper sunglasses and protective gear that can thwart off a hit with a minivan. No, wait. That's something else entirely, isn't it?

I suggest you keep your distance when they're mad. A thousand suns are pretty darn hot.