Changing Colors

July 2015 Prof. Scarlet Leslie (Slytherin)

This is a bit bittersweet because this is the end of my column and the last article that I will write as a Ravenclaw. But, I also think it is quite fitting, since Alte Sententiam editor was the first major position I held at HOL, almost five years ago.

I have over 80 emails under the label "Newspapers." Other than the handful of submissions for other houses, everything else was sent to Alte. The best part of being an Alte editor is having access to the submissions ahead of time. Not much editing was ever required. It was exciting to see all the column ideas and be among the first to get hooked on the latest Ravenclaw book/movie/TV show craze. Although there have been fewer submissions over time, it is still really nice to have an active newspaper, in case I ever feel the need to review a movie or try to make a crazy-looking cryptogram. I absolutely love that Alte has a Scientifics section. It gives me an excuse to look up random science topics. I remember sitting in lectures during pharmacy school and thinking, "This is a good topic for an Alte article." It probably helped me out a lot, too, since teaching is one of the best ways to learn.

Speaking of teaching, classes are still my favorite part of HOL. I have a lot of fun completing assignments for the classes that I take. I also really enjoy reading through all the work people send in for my classes, and I wish I had more time to respond to all of them properly. Teaching five classes was definitely NOT the best idea. Every single month I was asking myself what in the world I was thinking when I decided to offer five classes Autumn Term.

It was definitely a huge relief to have assistants and to see work completely graded when I logged into class emails. Over the years, I have tried to take on as many different people as assistants as possible to show them that teaching isn't quite as daunting as they think it is. (It is all part of my secret plan to get more people to make new classes!)

Despite the whole overwhelming "teaching five classes" business, I currently have another class in the works. I definitely don't plan to teach five classes in a term again, so if anyone is interested in teaching one of my classes, let me know. There may be one or two classes (like Journey of the Hero) that I may never be willing to give up, but if you ask nicely and especially if you passed the class with flying colors, I will definitely consider entrusting my class to you.

I love Ravenclaw. I'm glad that I was sorted into Ravenclaw. I wouldn't have stayed at HOL this long if I wasn't a Ravenclaw. The monthly activities that the prefects come up with are always so fun that I usually feel guilty if I don't participate in them. The creativity in the house astounds me. The enthusiasm has made me smile many a time when I needed a pick-me-up. I would list names, but I don't think that list would ever end. I will definitely miss Roost PM conversations.

My decision to leave Ravenclaw is for my own sanity. I debated this for months and I've kept it quiet from everyone to make sure that it is my final decision. And it is. I believe that Ravenclaw is in good shape. Any gaps that I may leave behind will be filled immediately. I also think that there are many people in Ravenclaw who are itching to do more for the house and HOL as a whole. I hope that those people get their chance to shine and work together to make Ravenclaw even better than ever. I've really enjoyed plotting with different Ravenclaws over the years and I hope that continues. This isn't truly a "good-bye," but more like a "see you around." And don't worry, Scarlet Leslie will always be a Ravenclaw.