Kyrie's Kwality Kwidditch

December 2012 Kyrie Adderholt

Having one win under their belt, RQT was off to another great start this season with a quick victory over SQT. Ravenclaw had three outstanding chasing performances that game. Pavel Lagrange resumed his role as chaser one and was as dependable as ever. Matilde Rayne had an amazing RQT debut. However, our third chaser, Amy Charz stole the show and scored eleven goals! That’s eleven times the number of goals all of SQT managed! I managed to get her to stop botting and running around with that witch, Zoki, long enough to answer a few questions.

Kyrie: How did it feel winning MVP in RQT’s first game this year?
Amy: Great! It made me really happy.

K: How many did you bot to prepare for the game?
A: A lot -shifty eyes-

K: What’s the best part of winning MVP? Knowing that you played that good? Knowing the other team didn't get it?
A: lol knowing that I played that good.

K: What’s your favourite thing about being on RQT?
A: I knew you were going to ask that, but I don’t know what to answer. I like the other people on RQT and talking to them, and I really love knowing all the trivia, and botting is fun. Those are all my favourite things?

K: I knew you would be difficult with this. Are all Amys born difficult or is it a special skill they develop over the years?
A: I hate interviews. We are born difficult, but we also improve at it as we grow through the years. Some Amys are able to hone the skill of being difficult better than others.

K: I’d definitely say you’re one of the better ones. What are you looking forward to most in rest of the season?
A: I’m looking forward to crushing all the other quidditch teams twice and SQT one more time and just botting and working together with the rest of RQT.

K: Just when I’m ready to sell you to another team you say something like that and remind me why I’ve kept you so long. Anything you’d like to say to your teammates or amazingly wonderful captains?
A: I love you all! Even the bullies...also, bot with me more.

K: What bullies? I don’t know of any bullies on RQT!
A: Well, I don’t want to name names. I don’t want to scare potential new team members away from certain people.

K: Ah, you mean Edmund don’t you? He has such a mean streak! If you’re not careful he’ll stomp on you with his high heels!
A: Well he does love streaking! Ahem...I might have been referring to certain Ks, but that’s not important.

K: Kirra? She can be quite scary.
A: She’s terrifying. Not quite as terrifying as Kyrie Adderholt though. But like I said, I love even the bullies. (Note: At this point in the interview Kirra objected.)

K: How quickly can you pack a suitcase?
A: I packed one either this morning or yesterday, I can’t remember which, but I don’t remember how long it took me. Usually I’d say about an hour? Assuming I don’t just throw stuff in and call it good. If I do the latter then really quickly.

K: Good. So after I sell you to another team you will be able to pack and leave in around an hour. Any last comments before we wrap up here?
A: …I would never leave RQT and I would encourage any other Ravenclaws to play quiddy, as it really is quite fun.

Hear that, Cassie?! Quite fun! And there you have it! The keys to success from MVP Amy Charz. You need to bot a lot, insult your teammates and captains, and be born difficult and there may very well be a shiny MVP in your future!