Drabble Babble Challenge: Loki Edition

December 2013

To Bruce

by Prof. Tarma Amelia Black (Hufflepuff)

Loki was adopted. That is his blessing and his curse. His adopted brother, Thor, completely loves Loki and we suspect that Loki loves Thor, but at the same time Loki’s Frost Giant blood mandates that he not love anyone. Perhaps, though, he loves evil. Of being evil for the sake of evil. Some folks are like that, just like some are good for the sake of good. Speaking of which, Captain America is a force of goodness. Yes, we just switched the topic to Cap. Now we will veer to Bruce Banner. See how easy that was, ending with Bruce?


by Kyrie Adderholt

She marched through the halls of the school, glaring at anyone who dared to get in her way. She entered the Great Hall and yelled out, “BOW DOWN BEFORE ME MORTALS.” She stared at everyone for a few minutes and then turned around and stormed out while mumbling to herself.

Silmarien turned to her right and asked, “Was that Cassie dressed as Loki?”

Kyrie took a long drink of pumpkin juice before slowly nodding her head.

“But Halloween was five weeks ago. Is she still wearing it?”

“Sadly...” Said Kyrie.

They both shook their heads and muttered the word crazy.

Duel of Kings

by Edmund Smethwyck

Loki and Thor were caught in another fight over the throne of Asgard. Loki looked on in dismay, watching his illusory clones fight his step-brother. They were not faring well, being felled as quickly as Loki could produce them.

At that moment, Thor threw his hammer through a clone, aiming to have it come back and hit another. Loki could never lift the hammer of Thor, but that didn't mean he couldn't modify its flight path.

With a wave of his hand, the hammer changed direction, slamming into Thor and giving him a concussion for a millennium.

Loki was King.


by Amy Lupin

Loki's ability to turn invisible was coveted by the other gods. They always asked him about it, but he never complied.

One day, however, Sol offered to give Loki partial control over her domain. Loki could not resist, so he agreed to teach her after nightfall. However, Loki tricked Sol and instead made her disappear.

As per usual, Gmot guarded the night sky, not realising that anything was amiss. When dawn came, Sol didn't show up. Gmot was reluctant to leave the sky unguarded and so he remained there the rest of the day.

This was the world's first eclipse.

Free Chaos

by Prof. Cassandra Lobiesk

Rustle of mischief. Yells of pain and anguish.

There was no telling what madness was in that cave, what evils in its bowels. Yet she pushed forward, her fingers tracing the dark contours of a cave that went on in seeming eternity. Her feet slid in the damp floor, but her pace was steady, determined, hardened by a conviction not even the gods could break.

She glimpsed the image of fiery hair, bright orange in the starless darkness. The god writhed below, a victim to the snake's poison from above, punished for all eternity.

She descended to the floor to put things right.

Loki Logic

by Prof. Scarlet Leslie

From 1-5 pm, Loki transformed into different creatures to wreak havoc. Each time, he was caught by Ravenclaws, including Ulol.

The five Ravenclaws were the niffler spotter, Mark, Sil, in the trophy room, and at 4 pm.

Loki was a chizpurfle after the trophy room sighting and two hours before Sil's sighting.

Loki was in the staffroom two hours before he was an erkling, which was before the staircase spotting.

Kyrie wasn't in the kitchens. Loki wasn't a gnome at 5 pm.

The sightings in the greenhouse, as a pixie, and by Cassie and Kyrie were at different times (also not 2 pm).

Name Tag

by Kyrie Adderholt

Zoki Phantom always had notoriously bad hand-writing, a fact that he ignored. That is until one newbie season when he was in charge of the newbie orientation. Since he insisted that every newbie wear a name tag, he thought it was only fair that he do the same so he scribbled his name on his tag really quickly before the new students were due to arrive. When the newbies arrived, one particularly gullible Hufflepuff read Zoki’s name tag as “Loki.” Zoki didn’t bother to correct her and convinced them that he was a God. This continued for five long weeks.

Never Never

by Prof. Scarlet Leslie

The portal was endless. After falling for what seemed like eternity, we landed on a beach with coarse, white sand. The sky was orange and the sun was starting its descent. If we were not in an unknown land, we might have stuck around to watch the sunset over the ocean.

Despite a calm sky, the ocean was choppy with variable waves crashing on the beach. The sand was cutting cut the bottom of our feet, so we put our shoes back on. We walked into a forest that was just as unwelcoming.

Then we saw him. Peter, no... Loki?

Proportional Response

by Robin Stones

The cave is quiet as death. All eyes are on the person in the centre, chained to three stones with iron bonds. The eyes belong to the ‘proper’ gods as they call themselves, the person is I, and the iron bonds are all that remain of my son who paid for my crimes.

Who are they, to hold themselves in such high regard when they are capable of such cruelty? Who are they to give themselves the right to savagely slaughter my child, my Narfi? Is this a proportional response?

I look back at them. I shall have my revenge.


by Prof. Tarma Amelia Black (Hufflepuff)

The Sandman series, by Neil Gaiman, uses many characters of myth and folktale. One character that stands out as callous and deceptive, sly and resentful, is Loki. Sentenced to an ever-lasting torture for foul deeds he had done, Odin grants Loki a reprieve in order to be of help with negotiations for the rulership of Hell. (The gods of Asgard want to have the deeds to Hell -- which Lucifer had given to Dream).

Loki lives down to his reputation by deceiving Odin and Thor into taking another ambassador (disguised by Loki to resemble himself)-- but fails to fool Dream.

Trickster Gods

by Amy Lupin

After being exiled from Asgard, Loki focused his attention elsewhere, a peaceful village in North Africa.

Each night, he stole crops from different families. In no time, accusations started flying.

Anansi saw this as an opportunity to redeem himself, so he kept watch for a week. He was surprised to see who was behind this.

Noticing a pattern, he coated Loki's next target with sticky tar. That night, Loki struggled to uproot some carrots so he knelt down for better leverage.. only to get stuck.

Anansi then revealed himself and, in time, Loki became both his enemy and his co-conspirator.

The Witness

by Robin Stones

The Great Guardian of the Gods lies dead by my feet. The Ragnarök is almost at an end. The realms of God and Monster have fallen; worlds are ending; I am dying.

Though I was the one to kill Heimdall, I pity him for not being able to witness the conclusion of our story, our grand finale.

This universe was never great enough to withstand the violence of the battle between ice and fire. I watch hail burn and flame freeze until I can no longer distinguish the two.

I refuse to die before the end. I must see this.