The Color Fairies

December 2015
Polaris Black

Once upon a time, far away and a long time ago, there was a magical kingdom called Fairyworld. Contrary to common belief, Fairyworld was not only home to fairies but also to goblins, elves and pixies. King Norebo and his challenge-crazy Queen Ainatit rule Fairyword. They live in Fairyworld Castle, a cerise accentuated girly-pink structure, which can be found on the highest hill in Fairyworld.

When Fairyworld was created, it looked like an unused coloring book; it was colorless, one-dimensional, and unchanging. The fairies were the first to move in and they worked in teams of seven to create and then maintain their domains. They became known as the Weather Fairies, Food Fairies, Magical Beast Fairies, Sports Fairies, Sea Fairies, and Color Fairies, just to name a few.

Then the goblins, elves, and pixies moved in and established their habitats. And when everything was picture perfect, Queen Ainatit picked the location for her fabulous Castle-to-be and had it built to her specifications. Then she traveled the globe to search for the one-of-a-kind objects she needed to decorate the interior. And when it was complete and fully staffed, she collected King Norebo and was ready to move in.

At first all was well but Queen Ainatit had a short attention span and it didn’t take long until she was bored. But soon she had a great idea - she would set up a series of Fairy Tournaments for her amusement. At first blush, the tasks seemed impossible and the stakes were high; if the fairies could not successfully complete their challenge, they risked imprisonment and could even be banished.

Our story begins shortly after the Food Fairies successfully completed their challenge; they had to create something to eat that was hot and cold at the same time. Even before Queen Ainatit finished the delicious hot fudge sundae they had created, she summoned Burton, her footman, who incidentally was a frog.

“The next challenge is for the Color Fairies,” Queen Ainatit told Burton. “They are responsible for keeping all the colors of Fairyworld shiny and bright. Scarlet is responsible for all things red, Tawny for orange, Goldie for yellow, Ivy for green, Bonnie for blue, India for indigo, and Violet for purple. But instead of each producing a single hue, I want them to create something that’s every hue.”

So Burton left and gathered the Color Fairies together to tell them of the challenge. He watched their faces change from apprehension to fear and despair. “Don’t worry,” Burton said confidently. “I suggest you consult with Grace, the Gymnastics Fairy.”

So the Color Fairies found Grace and explained their predicament. “Don’t worry,” said Grace. “I have an idea but we really have a lot of work to do. I have to teach you physical agility and coordination.”

As soon as they were able to demonstrate strength, balance, and body control, the Color Fairies requested an audience with the Queen. On the day of their scheduled performance, it rained steadily. Queen Ainatit was visibly annoyed when she came out on her balcony to observe the presentation. But all of a sudden the rain stopped, the sun came out, and the Color Fairies came into formation. Violet was first followed by India, Bonnie, Ivy, Goldie, Tawny, and Scarlet in that order; they ultimately formed an arch of all colors shimmering in the sky. The display was breathtaking and the residents of Fairyworld witnessed what became known as its first “rainbow”.

A moment after the Color Fairies came out of formation, Queen Ainatit summoned Burton to tell him to inform the Magical Beast Fairies of their challenge; she wanted them to create an aquatic bottom-dwelling fire-breathing dragon.

Good luck!