Fierce Festivities

November 2011 Kirra Rohan

Everyone loves holidays, right? They give you something to celebrate, something out of the ordinary, and something to look forward to, be it a day off of school or a delicious feast. Unfortunately, there aren’t very many holidays that people celebrate regularly anymore. It’s my belief that this should change. With a bit of magic (and the help of Google) I’ve found a few holidays that you can take part of. Pick and choose your favorites! I hope to see all of you celebrating Absurdity Day this month. :)

And don’t forget to celebrate all of these days with a little food (or a lot of food, it’s up to you). The amazing Lavinia Rookwood has written an article detailing delicious dishes that you can make to spice up these days.

November 20th: Absurdity Day
Absurd (adj): having no rational or orderly relationship to human life; ridiculously unreasonable. Do you ever have the urge to carry your lightsaber with you everywhere and challenge people to duels? Have you ever wanted to wear your pants backwards while covering your ears with brightly colored, mismatched socks? November 20th is your day! People are always telling you to be serious, but on Absurdity Day, that’s exactly what you should be – absurd. Don’t just lounge around the house all day thinking that something absurd is going to happen, go out and do it. That means I expect to see a lot of absurdity around HOL on the 20th, guys.

November 23rd: Eat a Cranberry Day
This one should be obvious. Go to the store, pick up some cranberries, and eat them! I don’t know about you, but I adore dried cranberries and I eat them ALL the time. Don’t like chewing on them? Try some cranberry juice instead! Or go look at the delicious cranberry dish Lavinia has come up with. :D Not only are cranberries absolutely delicious, they’re also really healthy for you too. They’re rich in antioxidants, which may have benefits for your heart and immune system.

November 30th: Stay At Home Because You Are Well Day
Keep your pajamas on, make some apple cider, and read or watch a movie. (Or frantically finish up your NaNo novel, or your HOL homework, or any other number of really important things.) Whatever you decide to do, today is a day to relax. (Or freak out because you realized you’re 10,000 words away from winning NaNo…no, I’m not speaking from personal experience at all.)

Warning: I take no responsibility for any trouble you get from your boss, school, etc for not going in today. Also, this does not mean you get to skip Quidditch practice or botting for the day. That’s still important, yo.

December 5th: Bathtub Party Day
Party of one for my bathtub, please! Instead of going out and about tonight, take a night just to relax. Draw yourself a nice warm bath and just sit there. Don’t worry about work, or school, or the revisions for that novel you just wrote in November. Maybe grab a book and read for a bit, or listen to some relaxing music and just close your eyes. Everyone needs time to relax once in and while, and this holiday gives you that chance.

December 8th: Brownie Day
I may be alone in this (I don’t think I am) but I love brownies- especially when they are coming straight out of the oven, hot and gooey and just delicious. I know you’ve been meaning to bake brownies for a while, but you just haven’t had TIME. Well, drop whatever you’re doing and go whip up a pan of your favorite brownies. Then sit down and eat them. One, two, or the whole pan, I’m not judging you. ;)

December 16th: Chocolate Covered Anything Day
No, this is not similar to brownie day. Today is the day where you dig out that chocolate fountain of yours (I want a chocolate fountain, too!) and grab anything you can see and dip it in. Strawberries, marshmallows, celery…okay, maybe not the celery, but you get the picture. It doesn’t matter what you have in your cupboards. Experiment! Those weird cookies your Aunt Mabel gave you for your birthday may not taste good on their own, but I’m sure if you slather them with chocolate they’ll be delicious.

December 21st: Humbug Day
Bah, humbug. December is a stressful month – preparing for the holidays, finishing up midterms if you’re in school, and generally getting ready for the new year. Today is the day to get all of those frustrations out. Vent, scream, throw your pillow across the room, punch it if you have to. We’ve all been there and done that. So take a deep breath, calm down, and let yourself get everything out today.

December 31st: Unlucky Day
It’s the last day of the year, so why would it be unlucky? It’s not really unlucky – it’s just a wish that starting January 1st, you’ll have an absolutely wonderful, fantastical year. Today is the day for you to finish up all the bad things that happened this year and get them out of your head before facing forward into the future. You want to be ready for everything that comes at you this year, because trust me – it’s going to be amazing.

I hope you liked at least a few of these, because I have a feeling that we all want to be absurd and eat chocolate once in a while. And who knows? Maybe you’ll find yourself a new holiday tradition for the years to come.