November 2011 Rachel Selenia (Hufflepuff)

Rating: PG-13
Stars from Rachel: 3/5

Nathan is an ordinary teenager - he's partying, going to school and practicing martial arts and boxing with his father. One day, the class is divided into couples for a paper they have to write. Luckily for Nathan, he's paired up with Karen, his neighbour. Of course, he's in love with her… Anyway, their paper is about missing people. When they do some research on websites of missing children, they suddenly find a photo of Nathan. So the question is, why is a photo of him as a child on a website of missing children?

Nathan confronts his mother, wanting to know if they are his real parents or not. Before he gets to know the whole truth, some men break into the house, killing both his parents in a gun fight. Nathan runs for his life, along with Karen who was on her way over to his house. They end up being chased by dangerous people they don't know, for a reason they don't know, and with no one to trust but themselves. Who are Nathan's real parents? Why is he being chased? And who is his psychologist really?

I've been looking forward to this movie for months, so I was very happy when it finally premiered in Sweden. One of the reasons I wanted to see it (besides the storyline, which looked interesting) was that Taylor Lautner played the part of Nathan. He's my favourite actor from the Twilight movies and I was curious of what he would be like in a main role. Sadly, he wasn't too impressive, but he was okay. There are also other actors and actresses worth mentioning, especially Sigourney Weaver as Dr. Bennett and our favourite Mr. Malfoy - Jason Isaacs - as one of Nathan's fathers.

The movie itself was entertaining enough. However, the action parts weren't as much action as expected, and it all felt kind of made to suit the (imagined) fanbase of Lautner - teenage girls who go to see this movie just because "Jacob" is in it. Still, I did like it (and I had to laugh at the shirtless scenes of Taylor Lautner - made me think of Twilight and Vampires Suck...).