The Logic of Crayons

November 2011 Rorey Padfoot (Hufflepuff)

Solve the logic puzzle and me (Rorey Padfoot) the answers in an HOL message for 15 beans. You have until November 30th, 2011 to send me your answer.

Sil, Alexia, Kyrie, and Cassie are four girls. They like to get together occasionally for a “color therapy” session, which consists of gossiping, eating cake, comparing lip gloss, and coloring with crayons. They especially love the jazzy names that Creative Colors has come up with for their crayons. The girls also like to check out the latest lip glosses.

Ine of the girls loves the crayon color Neon Carrot. Another adores Vivid Tangerine.

One can’t resist Tickle Me Pink, and the fourth one can’t wait to try to color inside the lines with Mauvelous.

Their lip-gloss flavors are Strawberry Smackers, Hard Candy Lollipop, Bubble Gum, and Plum Wicked.

Using the clues below, see if you can figure out each girl’s favorite crayon color and lip gloss flavor.

1. Sil is a health-food nut (no cake thanks), so she likes crayons and lip gloss flavors that remind her of fruits and vegetables.

2. Kyrie borrowed the Vivid Tangerine crayon one day from one of the other girls. She also felt like borrowing the Bubble Gum lip gloss just once.

3. Alexia tends to favor anything that reminds her of her Elmo doll, so she picked a crayon that did just that.

4. Cassie is trying to cultivate a pouty, seductive look, so she picked a lip gloss that sounded promising and just a bit devilish – in a totally wholesome way, of course. She also likes fruity flavors.

5. Kyrie likes to color with various shades of violets and purples, especially when they sound “wunnderful!”

6. One of Cassie’s favorite crayon colors is pink, but someone else had already chosen that color.

7. Cassie is not a big fan of vegetables, but she does like fruits.

8. The girl who likes violet shades also likes suckers – the “all-day” candy kind, that is.

9. Sil has always been partial to the only fruit that has its seeds on the outside, so she chose that for her lip gloss