My Recap of SQL

October 2012 Prof. Rorey Padfoot (Hufflepuff)

Another summer is over and a new year at HOL is in full swing. This past summer we had another round of sometimes fun and sometimes intense Summer Quidditch League.

There were a few changes this year, one of the biggest being the draft. I know there were some who were cautious about how the draft would play out for team making, but really my opinion was we had the best-rounded teams of all the years I’ve been involved in SQL to date. I know change is hard at times, but I truly feel this should be a change that is kept for next year.

It was nice when games were happening that one team didn’t dominate the others. We had so many more close scoring games then previous years and the game play itself was an excellent representation for incoming ickles to see how intense game play can be. Games were fun to watch, not just “oh yeah this team always wins, so what’s the point?” Different teams actually had a chance for the championship. All of these can be contributed to the draft being in place, so to the powers that be, please keep the draft.

Being an official for the past few years I get the privilege of seeing the good and the bad of SQL. Unfortunately we did have some “bad” this year, mainly dealing with the snitch tournament. We had so many people who forfeited. It was crazy how many people forfeited. I found myself asking over and over again this summer, why sign up if you aren’t going to show for any of your matches? Hopefully next year there’s a rule created to help eliminate the amount of forfeits we had for this year.

All and all we had another great year and I look forward to next summer (if someone ends up running it again), though I might take a break from officially (no need to be so excited about that) as it does take up a ton of time to be so involved in the activity.