The Adventures on RQT Island

October 2012 Kyrie Adderholt

As I sat down to write this column, I had many ideas running through my head about what topic I might cover this month. This summer certainly provided an endless number of quidditch-related issues that could be covered in multiple ways, each more tumultuous than the last, but I shall leave those for another time, another person, or perhaps even another venue. Instead I decided to focus on one of the positives in quidditch lately: RQT island.

Last year, RQT was quickly becoming bored of the standard practice methods that had been using for years so I set out to find a new way to practice and ended up inventing what we call RQT Survivor. The game is a combination of quidditch trivia, luck, objects falling from the sky, various weapons, and of course cut-throat teammates. Everyone starts off with several liives and must hold on to them to win the game, otherwise they end up sleeping with the fishes around the island. If one of your teammates doesn’t take you out of the game, there is a good chance that a house falling from the sky or a sudden snowstorm may very well take your final life.

Of course, some people are more lucky in the game than others. It is normally a race between Kirra Rohan and Allyson Celestra to see who can eliminate themselves first. Then there’s the normal attempts to get rid of Pavel “Kitty” Lagrange from the Amys. And then there are the quiet ones like Scarlet Leslie and Matilde Rayne who have managed to sneak past the others to win the game on several occasions.

However, your teammates, or yourself in the case of Kirra and Aly, are not the only things you have to look out for. The island is full of traps such as poisonous fruit, falling houses, and various creatures out to get you. Even the weather can be against you with freak snowstorms or extremely high temperatures (yes, there are both on this magical island. Sometimes in the same day!). There have also been several memorable moments such as when someone stole Edmund Smethwyck’s pink high heels and he kicked them off of the island or when someone, we still don’t know who, removed all of the Amys from the island.

Needless to say, this has become one of RQT’s favourite practice methods. It serves as a fun way to escape the drama and pressure that come along with the regular season. So while there may be the yelling or implosions going on elsewhere in the quidditch world, RQT is escaping to an island of fun and camaraderie...even if it does mean eliminating each other!

Now if only we can convince Rhi and Cassie to buy us a bigger island...