A Seeker's Perspective

March 2012 Prof. Scarlet Leslie

Like any new HOLer, I was eager to find out how quidditch is played. I read through the handbook, but that was not enough to understand. You really need to play to fully understand. I took a quidditch class during my first or second year. After watching a few RQT games, I figured I could never type that fast. So, quidditch was put in the back of my mind.

How did I become interested in quidditch again? The Seeker's Tournament was added to Summer Quidditch League! I always wanted to try seeking, since I knew it involved solving a logic puzzle. But it had been a few years since I read the rules. I went into my first snitch match after only skimming the rules. The real game was much more complicated than I had imagined, but it was fun! I was introduced to the grid by RQT co-captain Kyrie Adderholt. I think I only played two matches because some of my opponents were MIA that summer.

Yet, I still did not join RQT after that. I was sidetracked by this very important thing known as the yearbook. I did get to know more about quidditch by reading about the history of RQT and compiling statistics. Learning that Godric's Ghost, a Ravenclaw, developed snitchplay was very exciting, especially now that I knew how to play.

Then it was Summer Quidditch League again! I decided to join a team in addition to playing in the Seeker's Tournament. With some nudging from Kyrie and Maya Winters, I discovered that I needed to get better at trivia for both quaffle and snitch games and started botting. By the end of the summer, I had won a snitch game and I botted enough to tryout for RQT.

Luckily for me, RQT needed a seeker. I had been preceded by great talent, including Rhiannon Llewellyn, Faye Laramie, Alexia Riaper, and current Ravenclaw record holder Mark Mandrake. It was quite intimidating to think about it for too long.

So I didn't. I focused on improving my trivia knowledge. Botting was extremely helpful, but practices turned out to be even more helpful. Being in the company of the freakfaces on RQT is no easy feat, but it really did help increase my speed. I was surprised that I was able to keep pace with Gryffindor seeker Jenny Lupin in my first official match.

So seeking - I love it! I love the challenge. I love having to get the logic puzzle in pieces. I love trying to figure out my opponent. I even love the chance aspect. Well, not so much when I hit a bludger and typing 'dodge' does nothing. I think I might always tremble a bit while sending the answer to the logic puzzle to the ref, but only because it is that exciting! I know I don't always have to win because RQT is so strong in quaffle, but winning is much sweeter.

It's never too late to join. I only took eight years. You are welcome to play a game against me, yes you. Seek and you shall find the joy of quidditch!