Lost Girl

March 2012 Prof. Jenna Hathaway

Lost Girl is categorized as a supernatural crime drama television series and it’s aired on Showcase starting September 2010. The story tells about the life of a succubus called Bo, who initially had no idea that she is, in fact, not human but a Fae. When she accidentally killed her boyfriend by draining his ‘chi’, she ran away from home, scared of the consequences of her actions and of herself. She moved from one place to another, constantly running. In the opening episode we saw her stumble into the path of a human named Kenzi who got in trouble. Bo saved her, and once Kenzi found out what Bo was capable of she persuaded Bo to team up with her and run a detective agency because she, too, had nowhere to go.

It was also in the pilot that Bo finally discovered exactly what she was when a group of Fae elders contacted her and told her she needed to officially join one of the two established sides; Light Fae and Dark Fae, but not before she had to undergo some deadly trial first. Bo successfully completed the trial, but to everyone’s surprise she chose neither side. She chose to be unaligned and siding with the humans, because she saw how much Kenzi was willing to risk her life for her while all the Fae simply viewed her as another player in their power struggle game. So Bo dedicated her new life to solving Fae crimes, helping humans, and her unaligned status also seemed to be useful in handling cases that the Fae needed taken care of while unable to use their own people for one reason or another.

Every episode we are given a different Fae creature that Bo has to deal with, all of them fascinating in their own way. Some would be familiar to us fairy tale lovers, others would be completely new. And then there's the interesting fact that Bo has romantic relationships with a male wolf shapeshifter police detective and a female human doctor… sometimes at the same time (that’s the perk of being a succubus—one’s sex does not matter when it comes to being in love). As the episodes progress we learn more about Bo’s background and the world of the Fae, and I would recommend it for everyone who enjoys seeing their fairy tales from all sorts of cultures come to life. It does get a bit… mature sometimes, though never graphic, so viewer discretion is advised.