The OWLs Needed to Become an Obliviator

October 2015 Sirius Fudge (Hufflepuff)

Being an obliviator is a crucial role in the wizarding world. In a world where the International Statute of Secrecy is of utmost importance, one cannot underestimate the job of an obliviator. An obliviator is an employee of the Ministry of Magic tasked with keeping the wizarding world secret from Muggles. They are the ones who perform memory charms on Muggles who have witnessed something they should not have, such as performance of magic or a magical creature. A list of obliviators would include Arnold Peasegood and Mnemone Radford. Radford created memory-modifying charms and was the first obliviator to work for the Ministry.

If you choose to follow in their footsteps, you must consider this when taking your OWLs, since OWLs results would be needed in order to continue on in some subjects and stop in others. For you to become an obliviator, you must pass or get Outstanding OWLs in the crucial subjects needed to be an obliviator. This article highlights the subjects you would need to get good OWL results in, so that you may continue on your road to become an obliviator.

The most obvious OWL needed is Charms. Throughout your career as an obliviator, the memory-modifying charm will be your companion. You will be performing that charm for the rest of your life, so you'd better excel at casting it. Charms is needed in almost all wizarding careers and being an obliviator not an exception.

I also put Defense Against the Dark Arts as one of the required subjects to pass in OWLs for those who aspire to be an obliviator. Obliviators work in many situations, most often involving a problem or an unwanted situation. There might be situations that require their DADA skills, hence an OWL for DADA might be important.

Another important subject is Muggle Studies. Most jobs of obliviators involve Muggles; therefore, it is important to know about Muggles, their behaviors, and how to deal with them. Muggle Studies would also prepare obliviators to handle communications with Muggles along the way.

The three aforementioned subjects are the core subjects that obliviators should master. For more subjects and skills, you can choose two from these four subjects: Herbology, History of Magic, Potions, and Transfiguration. While they might not have a direct connection to the job description of an obliviator, knowledge of the subjects could help in some instances. It might be a magical herb that could kill a Muggle in the process, or transfiguration should be used to right the wrong situation, we’ll never know.

As for the rest of the core classes, such as flying and astronomy, you can drop them after you take your OWLs. However, it would still help if you pass them with flying colors. Getting a Hogwarts education is the best magical education one can get. Hopefully, you can use the needed subjects, skills, and knowledge to be the best obliviator you can be.