Drabble Babble Challenge: Potions Edition

October 2015


by Ashley Margaret

Alchemy is a branch of magic and ancient science connected with potion-making. Two of the best known goals of alchemists were the transformation of common metals into gold and the creation of an elixir to cure all diseases and prolong life. These goals were achieved by the French alchemist Nicolas Flamel with his creation of the Philosopher’s Stone and the Elixir of Life. Nicolas Flamel and his wife, Perenelle, went on to live over six hundred years, until the destruction of the Stone by him and Albus Dumbledore in order to prevent Lord Voldemort from returning to his physical form.

Alice in Potions Class

by Joey Stark

‘Shrinking potion?’ I asked ‘like Alice in Wonderland?’.

The potions professor’s brows furrowed, confused. ‘Alice in…?’.

Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything.

‘Um Alice in Wonderland, she drinks a potion and then…shrinks’.

I silently begged my friend to help me with my eyes. He suddenly became very interested in the ceiling. So much for muggle-born solidarity.

‘Was she a witch?’ the professor asked finally.

‘No. She’s from a fairy story’ I smiled sheepishly.

‘A fairy?’

‘On second thoughts, it doesn’t matter. Sorry Sir, continue.’ My cheeks flushed and I suddenly wished the ground would swallow me up. Just like Alice...


by Kim Alting (Gryffindor)

One of my favorite potions is Amortentia. It’s the most powerful Love Potion in existence. When someone drinks it, it causes a powerful obsession with the person who administered it. It is also considered dangerous. It has a distinctive mother-of-pearle sheen. There is not a distinctive smell to it, since the aroma smells different to everyone. Take Hermione for example, she smelled freshly mown grass, new parchment, spearmint toothpaste and Ron’s hair. While Harry smelled Treacle tart, a broomstick handle and Ginny’s hair. Though the name suggests otherwise, Amortentia can’t create actual love. It just causes a strong obsession.

The Benefits of Potion-Making

by Ashley Margaret

I believe that being a skilled potions maker would be a very useful skill to have in the Wizarding World. Not only would you be able to bottle fame, brew glory, and put a stopper in death, but you would be able to brew potions for various other beneficial reasons. You could create medicines, a potion that gives you strength, or even a Calming Draught. You could also save people by brewing the Mandrake Restorative Draught. There are so many potions that could prove to be valuable, from Veritaserum and Felix Felicis to the Draught of Peace and many more.

The Potion Caper

by Polaris Black

Ronja Liek returned to HOL in time for the Start of Term Feast. As a post-graduate, she decided to take part in the 15th-year festivities. She was small, good at blending in, and could still pass for a seventh year. She was hoping that she wouldn’t be noticed but had prepared a cover story just in case.

The real reason she had come back to HOL was because it was the only place she could obtain a special potion ingredient. Her friend needed it to prepare a life-saving potion which alternatively could be used to terminate lives.

Stay tuned!

On the Difference of Potions and Chemistry

by Lamia Brickley (Hufflepuff)

Potions is a subject of study at Hogwarts as well as very similar to the muggle subject Chemistry. In fact the similarities are so many that one could suggest that somehow muggles got in contact with wizardry in the past and learned a few things, forgot a few other things and Chemistry was the result. Muggles, like wizards, brew and cook fluids of various colors and consistency by adding special ingredients in a defined order. The difference is that muggle ingredients are non-magical and boring leading to boring and only sometimes colorful concoctions while potions have magical and amazing properties.

DIY Stain Removing Potion

by Polaris Black

A Muggle who claims her best random skills are removing stains and parallel parking, posted a recipe for a “magical stain remover you can make at home”. This three-ingredient potion works on anything and you probably have everything you need on hand.

1. Dawn Dish Soap (the blue kind)
2. baking soda
3. hydrogen peroxide
4. airtight jelly jar or plastic storage container

1. Mix one part Dawn with two parts peroxide in your chosen container.
2. Add 1–2 tablespoons of baking soda, making a paste.
3. Check clothing item to be sure stain is gone then dry according to label.

Tell me if it works!

Don't Drink Drinks Offered in the Sett

by Sirius Fudge (Hufflepuff)

Tarma and Lilly test their wit in creating babbling beverage. They typically do this in Fridays, after school, no quidditch practice. I was once a victim of this duo, hence my being careful regarding drinks in the Sett. For all you visitors in the Sett, whenever Wilbur would come and offer you a drink, just ask him whether Tarma and/or Lilly have something to do with this. If he nods, never drink that drink or you’ll babble 100 words for sure. Just make sure that you catch what you’re saying. Maybe you can submit them in the Alte.

The Elixir of Life

by Kim Alting (Gryffindor)

The Elixir of Life is a potion that really interests me. It is produced by using the Philosopher’s Stone that extends the life of the drinker. You have to drink it regularly though, but the frequency with which it needs to be taken is unknown. The taste is sweet and it has an aromatic smell. The Elixir of Life was invented by Nicolas Flamel (who also invented the Philosopher’s Stone). Drinking of the elixir will not make you truly immortal, it only lengthens your lifespan. Nicolas Flamel lived for 666 years, but eventually died because the Philosopher’s Stone was destroyed.

An Experience in Kath Snape's Potions Class

by Sirius Fudge (Hufflepuff)

It is a known fact that Parker loves Prof. Kath Snape. Even when she was an ickle, her name was mentioned a lot by the poltergeist. Parker must have been very angry to learn that her ickle is now a respected professor in Hogwarts. But to him, she is still her favorite thing. It is evident in her class Potions for Beginners. Missing cauldrons and ingredients, burnt skin of her students and switched finished products, poor Prof. Snape dealing with all of this herself. Good thing the headmaster restricted Parker to the Sett, never to disturb Kath’s class again.


by Matilde Rayne

Six drops of salamander blood. Would dragon blood be better? Never mind. We don’t have any dragon blood in stock. Salamander blood works.

Flobberworm mucus should work as a stabilizer and thicken the potion. Maybe wait to add it, then - but not too long or the whole thing could come undone.

Dittany, dried and crushed, will enhance restorative properties. Add those, then let the potion stew for an hour to give it time to incorporate. Time to wait.

Waiting is the worst. Waiting and wondering if the potion will work, or if it will be time to start anew.

Help Wanted

by Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis (Slytherin)

Prestigious magic school seeks Potions Master for immediate employment opening. Experience teaching young witches and wizards aged 11 to 17 preferred. Extensive knowledge about collecting and storing potion ingredients and experience with proper brewing of a range of potions of different complexities required. Previous Potions Masters have been called upon to brew potions for special and emergency purposes for staff and students at the school, including Mandrake Restorative Draught and Wolfsbane Potion. Position comes with spacious classroom in the Dungeons and personal office. Unique personality quirks most certainly welcome. Send owl to Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry if interested.

Magic is Everywhere

by Hermione Bronte (Hufflepuff)

Everytime you brew a potion is unforgettable: the new scents, the interaction between the different ingredients, the change on colours or even the texture are there to surprise you, because you never know what to expect, and even if the potion goes wrong, you will be completely amazed by it.

And sometimes I think it has similarities with how human relationships work, because you will never know how much meaning a person will have in your life until you get in touch with them. And even if the relationship ends, you would have enjoyed the good moments when it worked.


by Hermione Bronte (Hufflepuff)

Everytime Ivelisse looks away, Hermione likes to experiment on Potions throwing ingredients into the cauldron just to see what happens.

"One day you will regret it." - She said the first time she saw Hermione trying to throw a leech into the brewing potion.

Today, when she let a bit of lavender slip into the cauldron, the potion began to bubble in a dangerous way. She didn't take the hint, so then, she added a bit of cowbane. It exploded. When the black cloud vanished from Hermione's face, Ivelisse looked at her with her eyebrows rised.

"Purple hair suits you."

A Potion for Every Occasion

by Matilde Rayne

Potions are amazing. Some make you feel better when you’re sick, while others can make many people ill. Some can be used to play tricks on other people, and others can be used to fix whatever mayhem comes around. Some are as dangerous as they sound, while others sound strange but have the simplest uses. Some can make you fall in love, while others help you put a name to feelings.

There’s a potion for almost every use, and if there’s a problem you can think of that doesn’t have a potion already, you can always try to make one.

One Too Many

by Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis (Slytherin)

Good morning! Oh, we have to get going. I have a really good feeling about today. There's so much to do. We are going to Hogsmeade, right? We must go try Madam Rosmerta's pumpkin spiced butterbeer. I heard she has a new recipe this year. Also, it's never too early to start Christmas shopping! I remember seeing a quill in Scrivenshaft's that my sister will love. Are you caught up with all your homework? Do you still want to practice some Wronski Feints later?

And that's what happens when you take one too many tablespoons of Felix Felicis with breakfast.

Oops, She Did it Again

by Lamia Brickley (Hufflepuff)

„Booom“ Black and green colored smoke quickly expanded in the small potions classroom.

"LAMIA!!!" Ivelisse Ada shouted and coughed. A second afterwards the smoke was gone and Lamia looked into the face of a furious Ivelisse. “HAVEN’T I TOLD YOU THAT YOU SHOULD WAIT UNTIL THE POTION IS PERFECTLY COOLED DOWN BEFORE ADDING THE PUFFERFISH EYES”, Ive shouted without taking breath which soon made her face very red.

“I... I… ”, Lamia stammered. “But it was cooled down. I swear.”

Ive sighed and took a very deep breath. “Out”, she mouthed, “just take a break, ok? See you next week.”

Owling Home

by February Fortescue (Slytherin)

Dear mom,

I refuse to do Potions. It is so nasty! I will not touch horned slugs - so gross and slimy! I refuse to get mucus from Flobberworms. Worm snot?? Seriously? Plus they want me to crush snake fangs and slice pongous onions! I don't know which of these tasks has caused me to cry the most. Somehow, I don't think it's those smelly old onions. Besides, a snake must be poisonous to have fangs, right? I could die! No class is worth my life.

I must be immediately transferred to beautiful Beauxbatons.

I love you, mommy.

Yours, Febs

I Don't Do Potions

by February Fortescue (Slytherin)

"What a wonderful friend you are! I love to shop at the Apothecary, but I simply cannot handle the ingredients. I'm so allergic! Black beetle eye makes me break out into hives, lizard's leg causes my limbs to go all buttery, while touching anything connected with a pufferfish means I'll practically be a zombie for at least several months! Sorry, they were all out of toe of frog and tongue of dog, but I did find tooth of wolf and turtleshell!

Thank you for doing my potions brewing! Maybe I can repay the favor. Ever read "Charm Your Own Cheese?"


by Joey Stark

I shivered slightly at the chill of the dungeons. I loved brewing potions. The way it affected every one of your senses and combined them into one dizzying euphoric feeling. The mixed fragrances produced, changing with each ingredient I added. The soft swirls of colour, turning gradually brighter with each precise clockwise-stir, shocking pinks, rich golds and neon blues. The satisfying hisses and soft bubbling. My favourite though is the textures, from the sticky feel of squid-ink between my fingers to the crepe-thin crinkle of freshly shed snakeskins. I shivered again, but not from the cold. I loved brewing potions.