Logic Puzzle

October 2015 Ashley Margaret

Five Ravenclaw staff members decided to participate in the muggle Halloween tradition of trick-or-treating. Each of them dressed up in a different costume and collected candy all night long. Figure out each person’s costume and favorite candy (one of which is Maltesers), as well as how many pieces of candy each staff member received. (One person received 163 pieces.)

1. The five staff members are Ryan (who didn’t dress up as the bloodstained bandaged mummy), Arielle, the one whose favorite candy was a Mars Bar, the one who received 92 pieces candy (and who dressed up as a witch), and the one who dressed up as a banshee.

2. Ryan received more candy than the person whose favorite candy was the Mars Bar.

3. The staff member whose favorite candy is the Aero Bar received 105 pieces of candy.

4. The staff member whose favorite candy is Smarties did not dress up as a vampire.

5. Between the person who received the most candy (202 pieces) and Cassandra (who didn’t receive the least amount of candy), one dressed up as a vampire and the other’s favorite candy is Jelly Babies.

6. The person whose favorite candy is Jelly Babies didn’t receive 124 pieces of candy.

7. Silmarien didn’t dress up as a witch.

8. The favorite candy of person who dressed up as a black cat is the Aero Bar.

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