Four Years at HOL

October 2015
Sirius Fudge

I entered HOL in 2011
Four years, it had been
So many things happened
Time flies fast, it is said

First year, the class is still complete
So many chats and RPs legit
Activities left and right abound
HOL LIMS and Idol, next round

Second year, Quidditch is played
Kaiwa Alexandra should be blamed
Found friends on IRC as well
Friends up to this very day still

Third year, shuffle house chaos!
Well of Magic found like pros
Race around the Globe held
Rowena’s Tests of Logic solved

Fourth year, participation check
IRC and Quidditch sleek
Triwizard Tournament done
Fought dementors from Azkaban

Fifth year, current OWL year
Things to say, not yet clear
Good year, good vibes to bear
I know this even I’m not a seer.