Drabble Babble Challenge: Weather Edition

April 2016

The Butterfly Effect

by Polaris Black

Does the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas? This phrase refers to the notion that a butterfly flapping its wings can create minuscule changes in the atmosphere that could ultimately alter, accelerate, delay, or even prevent a tornado in a remote location. The term Butterfly Effect was coined by Edward Lorenz when he observed that a very small change in initial conditions had created a significantly different outcome in a standard weather prediction model. Today, the butterfly effect has become a metaphor for seemingly insignificant moments that alter the course of history.


by February Fortescue (Slytherin)

“No! It's much too slick! Look at all that snow! We'll get the car stuck, sure as the world!” says he.

“Oh, come on! Don't be such a wimp! That car can go anywhere. Come on, Mike. Please!” says she.

The car starts with ease. Goes forward. Smooth as silk, no spinning wheels. Next comes the hill. The car begins its ascent. It makes it half way before the wheels begin to spin.

“Chestnuts roasting….“ sings she.

“SHUT UP!” screams he.

“Trying to calm my nerves” offers she.

The cell phone is dialed. “Tommy's Tow Service.”

“Tommy? Mike. We're stuck.”

Dear Aunt Tessie

by February Fortescue (Slytherin)

Dear Aunt Tessie,

It's true! We actually received twenty inches of wet snow! It all arrived on one day, Saturday. The dog is not amused. The snow is higher than she is tall, and there is currently a small yellow stain on the carpet we received from you over the holidays. Fifi feels tremendous guilt. I am sure of it.

I'm afraid we shall have to cancel your visit with us next week. We'll require that time to dig out from under all of this snow and your time would be wasted shoveling and suffering through power outages.



Don't Rock the Boat Planet

by Meredith Malkins

I've decided to give an astronomical explanation of the odd weather many of us are experiencing.

You know the Earth spins on its axis, but do you remember playing with spinning-tops? The Earth is slowing down, and starting to wobble, meaning the sun will rise earlier and set later in summer, while rising later and setting earlier in winter. Seasons themselves might shift for many, while the equator shifts by degrees. Also, the magnetic poles are moving, and by moving I mean hopping all over the place, which is annoying because lots of weather systems are affected by magnetic properties.

Groundhog Day

by Polaris Black

Groundhog Day, when a rodent predicts the onset of spring based on the weather, was celebrated for the first time in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania on February 2nd 1887. Since then, the tradition has spread to other cities in the USA and in recent years, some ceremonies have been more eventful than others.

In 2009, as NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg pulled Groundhog Chuck out of his shelter, he bit his hand.

In 2014, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio dropped Groundhog Charlotte, who later died of internal injuries.

And in 2015, Groundhog Jimmy bit Sun Prairie’s Mayor Jonathan Freund’s ear as he “whispered” his prediction.

Hannah Frowned

by Leonie Hauri

Hannah frowned as she opened the curtains. Rain splattered at the window pane. Lightning lit up the dark sky. She glanced back at Michael, her five-year old son. "Looks like we won't be able to see Grandma Cleo today."

Michael pushed past her to eagerly peek out the window himself. "Cool!" he said, pushing his face up against the window pane. "I would rather stay inside than see some smelly old lady."

Hannah smiled. "Too bad you'll have to be with the smelly old lady here then," she joked.

Michael shook his head. "No," he said seriously, "You're not smelly."

Her Boots

by Leonie Hauri

Her boots were caked in snow and mud. Her mittens were soaked with melted snow. Her hair was frozen in clumps. Her skin was cold and wet.

That was what first tipped us off. We stared outside at the warm, sunny day and gawked at the sight before us. The second thing that tipped us off was the clothes - a long dress of a style we had never seen before, brightly coloured socks, and a strange chip attached to her left ear.

"When is this place?" Not where, but when. We told her the date. She smiled and vanished.

Not Long Ago

by Arianna Stonewater (Slytherin)

Not long ago, we wrote about snow inside Hogwarts. Now that we're all home, I can't help but think we are out of the frying pan and into the fire! Two days ago we received two inches of snow, and people panicked. Little did they know, that it was just a taste of what was to come. Around 1pm Friday afternoon it started. As i write, it is 5pm Saturday, and Winter Storm Jonas is showing no signs of stopping! As I watch the snow fall, I think how lucky I am to be safe and warm in my home.

The Quidditch Match

by Ashley Margaret

It stung to keep my eyes open, but I knew I had to or there would be no hope of spotting the snitch and getting out of this miserable thunderstorm. The rain fell down in a torrential downpour and gusts of wind kept forcing my broom from the direction I intended. I wondered how everyone else was doing and if we were winning. It was impossible to see more than just a few feet in front of my broomstick unless the pitch was illuminated by a flash of lightning. It seemed as if this quidditch match would go on forever.

Quidditch Weather

by Sirius Fudge (Hufflepuff)

“What’s the weather like” is a question all of us are familiar with. I for one could answer that it is sunny or rainy. But quidditch players would face this question in a different manner. Hands on their keyboard, they would type as fast as they can, start typing words such as hot, cold, rainy, windy, stormy, wet and other one-word characteristics of a particular weather. Questions met with spam answers would reflect the real life weather. You don’t know if your answer is the right one, you just have to trust your gut and get out there.

The Snowstorm

by Ashley Margaret

It was the coldest day of the year and all I wanted to do was go back to Ravenclaw Tower where it was warm and cozy. After classes finally ended, I went back to the common room where I had a perfect view to watch the snow fall. From here in the warm room, the snowstorm looked beautiful as the white fluffiness covered the Hogwarts grounds. I sat down on the sofa nearest the fire and got cozy under my patchwork quilt. There I sat with my mug of tea and watched the snow fall down well into the night.

Whether HOL or Not

by Sirius Fudge (Hufflepuff)

A first year is crying outside the Potions classroom. She had not finished her one-foot essay homework on the Forgetfulness Potion. She was afraid to submit it to her professor that day. Her professor arrived and asked. After telling him her situation, her professor answered. “Don’t be afraid whether your homework is finished or not. Don’t stop just because one thing is not whole. This homework is not the last piece of the whole. You have more ahead of you. Learn from this and while you’re at it, catch some snow outside. It was sunny that day.”