BINGO: A Creative Writing Challenge

April 2016

Ashley Margaret

Zombies Zombies Zombies: A Wizard's Guide to Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse
Childhood Memory: A New Beginning

Prof. Cassandra Lobiesk

Fractured Folklore: Straw Room
Zombies Zombies Zombies: Magnum Opus Debilito
*NEW* Catch a Falling Star: Bright Stars, Blue Stars
*NEW* Paradoxic Alley: Sisters Five
*NEW* Creatures Real and Mythical: Confessions of a Pilot Whose Commander is a Shopaholic

February Fortescue (Slytherin)

A Multitude of Colors: The Black and White Poodle Puppy
Into the Darkness: Darkness is also the Price of Love
Childhood Memory: The Christmas Watch
Anger Management: The Quackers Professor
*NEW* Manic Mythology: Sisyphus and Happiness
*NEW* Fork in the Road: Ending Enabling
*NEW* Creatures Real and Mythical: Dreamer, Planner, Critic
*NEW* FREE Choice: Chary with Strangers

Hermione Bronte (Hufflepuff)

And the Weather Today Is...: A Change in the Weather
Much Ado About Nothing: To Fly or Not to Fly
Four Seasons: The Colour of Love

Lamia Brickley (Hufflepuff)

As White as Snow: The Happiest in the World
Over the Rainbow: Rainbow BOOM

Leonie Hauri

As White as Snow: Hannah Remembers

Matilde Rayne

As White as Snow: I Volunteer as Tribute
Into the Woods: Survive the Forbidden Forest

Polaris Black

Anger Management: How I Really Got into Harry Potter
Night at the Museum: The Best Birthday Ever
Over the Rainbow: The Color of Fairies
Your Side of the Story: Elizabeth and Hector
*NEW* FREE Choice: Her Favorite Potion
*NEW* Creatures Real and Mythical: Gremlins

Prof. Silmarien Szilagyi

As White as Snow: Cold as Ice
*NEW* Creatures Real and Mythical: The Man with the Golden Voice
*NEW* Debacle: The Commander's Quandary