The Happiest in the World

October 2015
Lamia Brickley (Hufflepuff)

Once upon a time, it must have been around Christmas, there was a little Snowman. He had a big, white belly and a carrot nose. His eyes were black coal pieces. He just stood there looking into the wide, white landscape.

No sound could be heard, because it must have been Christmas Eve and all the children who played all day and built the snowman were in church, singing and praying, but the snow muffled the sound.

The night came, and the snowman was still lonely, just staring into one direction, unable to see through the darkness.

The following day, a rabbit family came by and greeted the snowman. They were hungry and saw the snowman’s carrot nose. “Aww, if only we had such a nice carrot," the rabbit mom thought, “we would be the happiest rabbits alive.” And they hopped away into their warm and cozy rabbit hole.

A few hours later, a little bird settled on the snowman’s nose. “Aww, if I had a few grains and a warm aviary,” the bird thought, “I would be the happiest bird in the world.” And it flew away to keep itself warm.

Another night came. It began to snow, and the sky was clear as glass. The moon was bright; the stars were twinkling. The snowman still stood there alone. “If I only had a snowwoman,” he thought, “I would be the happiest snowman in the world.”

The next morning, there was new snow falling down and the children were playing again. They ran around and laughed and laughed. Suddenly, a little boy--he must have been four years old--stopped by at the snowman.

“Look, everyone. This snowman looks sad. He is so alone, and there is only snow around him. Let’s build him a snowwoman.”

So they made another snowperson, with long hair from broom twigs and an aviary in her hand. They put grains in the aviary and a big carrot on the ground, as they also saw the rabbits hopping around through the cold white snow.

And so the birds, the rabbits, and the snowman and woman were all the happiest birds, rabbits, and snowpeople in the world.