Rainbow BOOM

October 2015
Lamia Brickley (Hufflepuff)

It was just another rainy Monday. Lamia stood in the dungeons brewing another potion for the class of Ivelisse Ada.

After the last incident in Ive’s potions lab, Lamia actually shouldn’t brew potions on her own. However, she just couldn’t resist. Especially not on a rainy Monday with nothing else to do (as on Monday mornings Lamia usually had classes starting at 2 p.m.). So she sneaked inside lab three which she knew was empty most of the times (after – you guessed it – she let it explode…). Ive would be in a class herself as she is only a student teacher. Or maybe she would be still sleeping a deep sleep with a nice dream.

Lamia flipped through the pages of her ‘beloved’ book: Explode-Proof Potions for Dummies. The only book that Ive would allow her to read. Like she expected: Nothing. No interesting potion at all. Just a “Smell like daisies” or “My First little potion”. Just baby stuff. The only interesting one was the “Brew yourself a rainbow”-Potion found at the very end of the book with the rating “If you are done with this you can start with the beginner’s books” and the warning “Only to be brewed under supervision of an experienced wizard or witch” (which Lamia thought she would be herself).

The potion contained Streeler venom. While Lamia still wondered why they used such a toxic substance in a children’s potions book, she managed to let a drop of venom fall onto the newly renovated lab floor which constantly got a hole and a very colorful circle expanded from there until it was about 5 inches in diameter. Terrified that Ive would find out she tried to remove it with a spell they learned last week. How was the incantation again? Sourgefy? Scourgio? Or… “BOOOM”.

A rainbow colored smoke bomb expanded through the otherwise new, clean and shiny lab. In only a second’s time the whole room was yellow-green and blueish grey, red and gold and violet. And of course a minute later one could hear: “LAMIA‼‼‼ IF I GET YOU‼ AAARRGGGHH!” But Lamia already ran for her life and settled in the next best secret passageway.