Her Favorite Potion

April 2016
Polaris Black

Aurora was smiling as she headed toward the Dungeons to the Potions classroom. She was a fourth year Ravenclaw, and today was the day she was going to learn how to make the wit-sharpening potion. She had read the procedure last night before going to bed and, although making a concentration booster was intriguing, the prospect of watching all the color changes was what really appealed to her.

She was one of the first students to arrive, and, after leaving her things, she walked quickly to the student supply cupboard to get ingredients. She carefully poured the bright green armadillo bile into a transfer cup and picked the freshest-looking ginger roots. Then she found a jar of scarab beetles on the wall and carefully selected the largest ones. Finally, she went to the corner basin and collected some of the ice-cold water that poured from a gargoyle’s mouth.

She was ready to begin. She measured two and three-quarters cups of water and poured it into the cauldron. Next she adjusted the burner to a medium flame under the cauldron. Then she used a sharp knife to cut up the ginger roots and finally used a white marble mortar and pestle to grind up the scarab beetles. Once the prep work was done, she was more than ready for the fun part.

She added a quarter cup of ginger roots to the cauldron and was delighted to see that, as she mixed, the color became lime green. Then she carefully measured and poured a quarter cup of armadillo bile and stirred until the color changed to blue. Although she felt impatient, she forced herself to slowly mix in half a cup of the fine scarab beetle powder, and, sure enough, the liquid turned red. She started to relax only when the potion turned yellow after mixing in more armadillo bile. By the time she added and brewed the rest of the ginger roots, she confidently watched the mixture turn lime green. And she wasn’t at all surprised when the potion turned the requisite deep purple color after mixing in the last of the armadillo bile.

It’s perfect, she thought excitedly.

She turned off the flame and let the potion cool for about ten minutes. Then she transferred some of it into a small, unbreakable jar and screwed the lid on tightly. Just a small phial could prove to be helpful while studying for exams. She decided right then and there she wanted to be one of the great potioneers and was sorry she could no longer tell Professor Snape of her decision. Yet she smiled when she remembered him admonishing Harry Potter’s class: "Some of you will benefit from today's assignment: wit-sharpening potion. Perhaps you should begin immediately."

We’ll miss you, Alan Rickman. Always.