Sisters Five

April 2016
Prof. Cassandra Lobiesk

Sisters five had once did thrive
upon a merry meadow.
Dad's not alive, but mom survived
and lived as lonely widow.

Her daughters five she had at bay,
And yet and yet she said one day,
"My daughters five, you tarry tarry,
so I must find you men to marry."

But sisters five, they could not hear
their mother through, though she be dear,
for they had plans as plans can go,
and logically they went as so:

Said sister one, "Oh no, oh no,
I do not wish for a man so.
Unless that man will let me fight
and earn my title as a knight!"

Said sister two, "I did pursue
a man with crow-black hair.
With golden eyes and face so fair,
I cannot find him anywhere!"

Said sister three, "I cannot see
myself tied to a lad.
If you're of matrimony mind,
then leave me marry womankind."

Said sister four, behind her door,
"I do not have the time.
The books I read won't read themselves,
leaving them would be a crime."

Said sister five, who did connive
to marry soon, one day,
"That I'm yet a child, too young, too mild,
Marry me off but not today."

So sisters five, they don't abide
their mother's well worn wishes.
But sisters five, they compromised,
said they don't mind those kisses.