Reasons to NAP

October 2014 Prof. Scarlet Leslie

On alternating Fridays and Sundays, Prof. Cody Lewis and I invite you to join all HOL'ers in Not Another Pickups (NAPs). Need a few more reasons?

Fun Facts. We start each NAP with a simple question. So far, we have found out that George Weasley wasn't anyone's favorite Weasley, watched team Black Widow defeat team Iron Man, and had a brief seasonal discussion.

Brewing Rivalries. One of the best aspects of HOL-wide activities is meeting and interacting with people of other Houses. It is even better when you find your rival in another House. Sure, you try to beat your teammates' botting points, but actually having a friendly rivalry (and someone to trash talk) on another team is the best motivation. I am eager to see the rivalry between Katsuro Otoribashi and Prof. Zenix James unfold.

Seeking. NAPs offer the opportunity for people to seek in a game-like situation. Seekers are assigned to a team and join the team rooms. They may have to delay catching the snitch due to the score (sometimes for several minutes). Seeking alongside Quaffle is very different than playing in a Snitch tournament. Give it a try!

Ref Practice. Maybe you haven't actually reffed a game for awhile and want a refresher. Maybe you are just learning how to ref. Maybe you want to learn how to ref. Consider reffing in NAPs! It is a less intense environment without actual points on the line or captains possibly snapping at you in refchan.

Quidditch is Fun! So fun, in fact, that I made sure I was awake at 4 am to play. (Jet lag did help a bit.) Of course, you don't have to be as crazy as me. HOL Quidditch is a fun way to test your Harry Potter trivia knowledge. Even if you don't know all the answers, someone will! The more people playing at NAPs, the more fun it is. Not everyone is treated to Cody's awesome play-by-play commentary like I am, but all NAPs have been great so far.

Plus, science has shown that a nap between 20 and 90 minutes at the right time of day will increase your mental performance. A NAP between 30 and 60 minutes will also increase your typing speed and your determination to bot like a monster. See you on the Quidditch pitch!