A How-To Guide to Raging Parties

October 2014 Prof. Cassandra Lobiesk

Partying is not just a social experience in the Sims universe, it is also the single most important way to mingle with as many people as you can, whether they be Sim strangers or long-time Sim friends. When a party reaches popular status, it becomes a fulfilling event for a Sim's life, and inevitably, that particular Sim becomes happier for it.

But what do you really need to conduct raging Sim parties anyway? It is definitely a question to ask, especially with your village of Ravenclaw Sims running around eager to host, attend, or crash parties. Below, I have merely illustrated a guide to a successful romp in the party business.

Choose Your Location Well. Technically, Sim parties can be hosted anywhere, as long as one has the means to do so. The high-rise lounges and dance clubs are definitely popular night-time excursions, though they do cost a bit more Simoleons than a simple house party. House parties tend to be the cheapest means of hosting, and for those Sims with particularly large houses, well, then it's probably much better to create a shindig there. The larger the venue, the more people one can invite, and the swankier the area, the more raging the party! If you are looking to host specific parties, such as Swimwear, Formal, Bonfire, or Juice Kegger celebrations, do make sure that you have the amenities in place (such as pools, fancy decorations, backyard bonfires, and juice keg stands).

Prep the Food Beforehand. Party preparation does become important, especially when you plan a get-together with a lot of folks. Usually, guests will come in with food, but as hosts and hostesses, you should always be ready to serve your guests with your own food, whether it be as simple as pizza deliveries or as diverse as buffet tables. Of course, if you have a backyard or a fancy kitchen, and your Sim's cooking skills are pretty darn good, why not crack the grill open and make some steaks? If you have a home bar, consider hiring either a mixologist or practice making your own party drinks. Note: When hosting parties in lounges, consider opening the tab and letting your guests enjoy the amenities of an open bar. They'll surely love you for it.

Music and Dancing are Key Components in Revelry. Sims love music. No, seriously, they will probably find any occasion to dance in the streets whenever a musician comes along to jam. Parties should never be without music, whether it comes from a professionally hired musician; a guest with a guitar, keyboard, or drum set; a full-on jazz band; or a radio blasting throughout the house. If you have a dance floor, guests will definitely take advantage of it, though they'll probably take advantage of your living room regardless. Dance clubs are particularly popular if you choose to make music your most prominent party commodity.

Social Games are a Must. If you find a lull in the conversation or a severe lack of other things to do at your party, then by all means, find a social activity that a couple of Sims can partake in! Video games, photo booths, table tennis, juice pong are only some of the many other things one can play with guests. If you have a large enough living room, I do suggest the table tennis set, because it's multi-purpose and can serve as both a table tennis court and a juice pong court. Of course, there's also a matter of playing practical jokes to unassuming folk. Take care with this option, however; some people freak out when you steal their clothes in the middle of a skinny-dipping exercise.

Setting People on Fire is Extremely Optional. Actually, it might be a good idea not to set people on fire. But occasionally, it happens. There are just some folk who are susceptible to catching fire from a fireplace. If such a thing happens, make sure to fireproof your house, in case the entire establishment catches flame. Or have a fireman handy to call, if anything.

With all of these conditions in place, you are certainly several steps within attaining your raging Sims party.