Strike A Pose

October 2014 Ariella McManus

It's that time of year again, folks! That time when we have pumpkin-spiced everything, when leaves start to change colors, and when designers release new trends to the world. I'm here to highlight some of the biggest and newest trends this season, so that when you head back to school or work, you can treat it like your own personal runway.

Sixties Are a Go-Go

Our first trend is sixties relaunched. The classic A-line mini-dresses were all over the runways, from Valentino to Gucci to Louis Vuitton. Many were done up with new fabrics to give them a fresh vibe, but some were straight-up classics. For those who are a bit shy about showing leg (or, let's face it, too cold to go bare-legged), there was also the midi-skirt, perfect for that job interview. And when all else failed, there was a nod to the era in simple fabric choices. This might be the time to revisit that cool aunt's closet and see if you can find her old party dresses. But let's leave the go-go boots behind, deal?

Capes, Ponchos, and Wrap Coats Oh My!

Of course with cooling temperatures, there has to be a way to keep warm. This season was exploding with some new-old shapes to do just that. And the best part? You can eat all the Halloween candy you want, without having to worry about it showing. Capes are always a classic, especially if your TV is tuned to the BBC, and they're perfectly effortless. Ponchos are a bit more fun and so easy. You literally just throw it on over your head, making it great for those mornings when you realize you are running late for class. And as for wrap coats? Think either a very relaxed trench coat or an updated housecoat/bathrobe. They won't be to everyone's taste, but they have a fun, slouchy appeal and come in gorgeous colors. And don't worry, there is no terry cloth involved.

Fur Gone Bright

Don't worry, animal lovers, no real animals were hurt for this trend. In fact, this style is all about the faux fur. After all, to get this magenta, you have to look into a sci-fi movie to find an animal with this coat color. This is very outrageous look and needs to be worn with restraint. Limit to one neon-bright fur item at a time, or else everyone might need sunglasses. But for those who aren't quite aboard with the neon craze, don't worry, you can get in on the "faux" fun, too. There are plenty of other colors being explored, like the dark red, head-to-toe hooded coat. And if that's still too much, just get one of the more subdued pieces, such as the over-sized fur hood seen on Milan runways.

Turtlenecks Out of Control

Yep, you read that right. No longer just Velma's favorite orange top, turtlenecks have literally been stretched and redesigned for everyone to have fun with. And you can still look like a class act! Now, when we say "out of control," we do mean it. One reporter even jokingly called some of them a "sock for her whole head," due to their size and the fact that most of the models' faces were partially hidden under these sculptural beasts. But hey, plus side? You don't need a ski mask to keep your nose warm! I call that a win, personally.

From Knits to Toes

When you think of fall and winter, you think of sweaters and knits, don't you? But do you think of knit pants? Or even wearing a whole outfit in knit? Well, if you hadn't, you can start thinking about it now, because knit outfits were everywhere, and they look so effortless. If you need a break from the color explosion and the oversize madness, these might be more your speed, as most of the ones I saw were in creams and other neutrals. Although a few were oversized, most were that slouchy perfection in which you feel like you're getting away with wearing pajamas in public. In fact, slouchy was the name of the game across most runways, from suits to (non-knit) trousers. Time to give the skinny pants a break!