Sirius of Interviews: Prof. Scarlet Leslie

October 2014 Sirius Fudge (Hufflepuff)

I’ve always wondered about many things muggle. There is this one song filled with many questions, and I want to know the answers to them. So who is the best person to ask? A Ravenclaw! A Ravenclaw would surely have logical answers. Speaking of logic, it is awesome that I interviewed the Seeker, Prof. Scarlet Leslie, about this conundrum. Here are the questions with her answers:

1. What happened to Amelia Earhart?
Poor Amelia Earhart accidentally flew into the Bermuda Triangle. There she met her early demise, as the center of the Bermuda Triangle is the home of an ancient dragon reserve. Unfortunately for Ms. Earhart, even the best dragon trainers in the world cannot tame the dragons living on that island. At least that's the theory I like to believe!

2. Who holds the stars up in the sky?
The stars hold themselves up. They power themselves and shine brilliantly because they are proud of it.

3. Is true love just once in a lifetime?
As much as the romantic in me wants to believe it, I'm not sure if I have a good enough grasp on true love to answer that. I can't see it being limited to just once in a lifetime. I am in love, and I fall more in love with him every day.

4. Did the captain of the Titanic cry?
On the inside, definitely.

5. Does anybody know the way to Atlantis?
The people who live there, of course! The chance that you might actually meet someone from Atlantis, however, is very slim. I've heard that it is a very well self-sustained city. It plans to hold true to its name of the Lost City of Atlantis forever.

6. What does the wind say when she cries?
"Why are people so mean?" She howls and throws tantrums, because she just wants people to stop yelling. And I know this because I sit and chat with the wind. *nods*

7. Why did Samson love Delilah?
Why didn't Samson love Delilah? There are no rules for love. It's not always possible to see someone's faults, especially when blinded by love.

8. Why aren't you here with me tonight?
Am I not? ;)

Prof. Scarlet Leslie, for sure, is a Ravenclaw.