Drabble Babble Challenge: Ghosts Edition

October 2014

Death of Shock

by Annabeth Jackson

It was a dark night, and Hanna was walking across the street. Beside her, an old lady was hobbling. From a distance, there came the sound of a truck approaching them fast. The lady didn't seem to notice. Hanna hesitated to inform the lady of this, but finally, she did.

"Excuse me, may I........................"

The lady turned her head and looked at her. Hanna got a nasty shock. The woman was crumbling into dust. She was scared, and did not hear the sound of the truck. When she finally did, she and the lady were hovering above her dead body.

Deathday Party Logic

by Prof. Scarlet Leslie

Helena Ravenclaw attended the Deathday parties (ranging from 500th-900th) of five friends. Her friends were the ones from Kent and Cokeworth, Priscilla, the one celebrating their 800th, and the one with impressive speeches. Priscilla isn't from Dorset nor celebrating 600 death years. Kathryn had the best decorations. Exciting games were played in Kent. The friend in Dorset celebrated fewer years than Jocelyn. Neither Tabitha or Natalie were from Kent. The 700th party had great decorations. No orchestra played in Brookshire. Jocelyn didn't put effort into the food. Kathryn has been dead longer than Tabitha. The 900th celebration was in Yorkshire.

Don't Talk About Me!

by Kim Alting (Gryffindor)

So it was a cold day in December; I was driving back from a Halloween fair. I talked to my boyfriend about spirits and paranormal activities and suddenly the radio begins to turn up the volume, slowly, bit by bit. I believe when you tell ‘ghosts’ you do not like what they are doing, they will stop. So I said: “Could you please stop that, because it scared the *peep* out of me” and then it stopped; the radio volume went down. I then looked at my boyfriend and we both thought the same, don’t speak of these things again.

Eternally Sailing

by Ashley Margaret (Squib)

The Flying Dutchman is a ghost ship in folklore that dates back to the seventeenth century. Several different versions of this legendary ship exist, but the general story goes that the captain of the Flying Dutchman was cursed and captains a ship with a crew of dead men. The ship never reaches port and is doomed to sail on eternally. The reason for the captain being cursed changes in different legends. In some versions the curse is the result of an act of cruelty by the captain and in other versions it’s because he bargained with the Devil and lost.

The Four Houses

by Sirius Fudge (Hufflepuff)

The four house ghosts are discussing who among them are the most popular. "I was mentioned the most times in the book", Nick said. "I was also same house with the trio" he added. "I helped destroy Voldemort plus I am a founder's daughter", Helena's reply. "I am the kindest", Friar winked. "I helped save the world by killing you and only I can control Peeves", the Baron pointed Helena. Out of nowhere, a voice was heard. Floating above the four of them, she said, "You all know that I am the most popular." With that, Myrtle chuckled and left.


by Iris Ixchel

Ghastly, ghoulish, garish, ghosts that gnash and grate and grind, sending shivers through the hearts and souls of all mankind
They once did walk of flesh and bone, the way that you and I do. Their bodies gone but souls remain and now they are but see through.
A visage or a shadow of the life they used to know, they move now in between the worlds, lost, not knowing where to go.
Though we think them gone once to the grave they have been interred, their lives to darkness from dusk
They’re still here, whispering, moving silently amongst us.


by Sierra Potter (Gryffindor)

Ghost, not only in supernatural world, is also available in English one. There are some idioms about this word, usually is symbolized as a white stuff that is flying and consists of two colors; black – its eyes and mouth and white, obviously. Well. I guess everyone’s already familiar about “white as a ghost”. It explains that someone is very, very, very pale. Then, there’s also ghost of a chance, to say something about too small possibilities available. And don’t forget this one: give up the ghost. It means that someone stops trying because knowing that he/she will never succeed.

Ghost Rule

by Prof. Scarlet Leslie

Volleyball leagues can choose to implement the Ghost Rule. The purpose of the Ghost Rule is to force teams to have a full team almost every week. When a team only has 4 players instead of the usual 6 players, they must have a ghost in their rotation. When the ghost is up to serve, it counts as a missed serve and automatically goes back to the other team. The Ghost Rule typically has the most effect during playoffs. Inevitably, one of the players who qualify to play in playoffs cannot make it. Having a reliable roster is very important!


by Lamia Brickley (Hufflepuff)

Ghosts are imprints of dead people in the world of the living people. They are mostly transparent and of course without solid substance. That means they can walk through doors, walls and everything else that is not magically enchanted to not let through anyone or anything.

Ghosts are not to be mixed up with poltergeists. The latter is (more) solid and has physical influence on the world of the living people. So they can throw things and make a lot of chaos.

In Hogwarts live many ghosts with the most popular ones being the Ghosts of the four Hogwarts houses.

The Ghost in Pyjamas

by Lamia Brickley (Hufflepuff)

Harry woke up late that morning. It was Halloween and they had the day off. He stood up and walked down to breakfast without changing into day robes. On his way down he noticed mysterious things happening: No-one noticed him and several people crushed into him and running away looking alarmed. He entered the great hall and went directly to the Gryffindor table to sit next to Ron and Hermione, but even they didn't him. He got to their spot and greeted them. Hermione screamed and turned around but looked through Harry, then calmed down. "Harry", she paused, "your cloak!"

Happy Anniversary, Ghostbusters!

by Polaris Black

Ghostbusters is an American special effects comedy about a trio team of paranormal investigators/exterminators. The film was released in 1984 and subsequently launched a media franchise consisting of a movie sequel, two animated television shows, and video games. This year’s 30th anniversary celebration includes a traveling art show, a Blu-Ray DVD, and limited edition Krispy Kreme marshmallow-stuffed doughnuts. A third movie is planned and rumored to be a reboot with an all-female team. Dan Aykroyd, one of the original stars and writers, dreams of creating a Star Wars like franchise with multiple large and small screen spin-offs. That’s scary, right?

Ghosts Are Fictional Creatures

by Prof. Tarma Black (Hufflepuff)

Ghosts are fictional creatures and do not exist along with the monster under the bed, werewolves, sprites, hags, BabaYaga, elves, fairies, trolls, kelpies, giants, big foot, bears, wolves, foxes, kitsune, Dream, Death, Destruction, Despair, Desire, Destiny and Delirium (who used to be Delight), Adam, Samuel, Mercy, Anna, fir trees, horses, dogs, cats, raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, Doctor Who, Bilbo Baggins, birds, Aragorn, Legolas, pizza, COFFEE, blueberries, music, heka, the color blue (and the color purple), stars, the sun, the moon, Life and WHAT IS THAT? IS THAT A SHEET WITH HOLES IN IT!? RUN AWAY RUN AWAY!

How Hard Is It

by Sirius Fudge (Hufflepuff)

How hard it is to not follow the light? I always encounter that problem in my study nights when I see the light the first ten minutes of my study time. I asked the Fat Friar how he had done it and answered, "You'll remember something you still haven't done in your life so you become hesitant to go to the light without doing it first. Unfinished business, those sorts. Speaking of, I gotta go." They vary from person to person. Moaning Myrtle can't let Olive get the last laugh. Casper can't leave his father alone. Speaking of, gotta go.


by Sierra Potter (Gryffindor)

Its chill fell down to his spine, down and down – making him shiver slightly as the night wind swept his bangs quietly.

He couldn’t shake off the feeling, the tension and the fear. It was still in front of him, its hollow eyes looking straight to his black orbs; daring him to do something besides standing still at there.

Its mouth curved into a smile, opened slightly; are you scared, boy? It mouthed silently.

The ghost was in front of him. He couldn’t shake it off, really couldn’t.

Are you scared to yourself?

Because the ghost itself lived inside him.

It's Not Mean

by Satsuki Rotgelle

It's not mean, I don't want to be by his side. Although I could be next to him, it will only make me afraid. It's not because my ugly face, but I have same face as him, same act with him, same glare. But start from now, i'll make him to following me.

Because he knows that I'm an invisible thing that he can see. Because he knows, I'm his shadow.

Salt and Burn the Bones

by Ashley Margaret (Squib)

If there is one thing I have learned from watching Supernatural, it is that you should always have some salt nearby if you could possibly be dealing with supernatural entities. It is the go-to item if you come across ghosts because they can be repelled by salt and cannot cross a line made from salt. In addition, the most common way to put a ghost to rest is to salt and burn the bones. By digging up the remains of the person, and salting and burning the bones, the spirit will be able to cross over to the next life.

Something Creeping Down My Spine

by Kim Alting (Gryffindor)

Did you ever have the feeling that someone diseased was present? This gut-feeling gives me the creeps often. Sometimes I drive by other cars or see people walking by and I get a weird shiver (mostly when I’m under a lot of stress, so maybe I’m blocking it normally, don’t know quite yet). I get cold; sometimes get the goose bumps from it. I (like to) believe that these persons have a lot of spirits surrounding them and that I can feel them. Don’t know if this is true or even possible, but that’s why it is called “believing”, right?