Drabble Babble Challenge: Circus Edition

June 2016

Arianna Stonewater (Slytherin)

The Ringling Bros White Tiger Snow Cone Mug is one of my favorite keepsakes from my childhood.

When I can't actually be at the circus, animal crackers give me the temporary escape to feel like i was there. Plus, they're tasty!

Arielle Lemoyne

My favorite doll as a child was a clown. I actually had a collection of a few dozen dolls, figurines, and other clown items. But my favorite was always "Clownie," shown in this portrait I just took. Because of course I still have him with me.

My dog has one trick that everyone says looks like a circus trick - she stands on her back legs and turns around in a circle. I can't really take a picture of that, but this trick is kind of similar!

Ashley Margaret

All the scenes from the It's a Small World ride at Disney remind me of a circus!

Cirque du Soleil was an absolutely breathtaking show full of entertainment and laughs.

Matilde Rayne

These were diabolo performers at a circus I went to. The bright, over the top costumes (especially those hats) make me immediately think of a circus act.

Circus makes me think of clowns, clowns make me think of... clownfish? One of my doctor's offices has clownfish in the waiting room, and these two jokers in particular are fun to watch. They were always very active, darting from place to place and grabbing the attention of most people in the room.

Polaris Black

This is my take on “Bread and Circuses”.

If you haven’t already, be sure to read Water for Elephants for a taste of circus life.