How to Become Friends with a Ravenclaw

September 2011 Rorey Padfoot (Hufflepuff)

Being an outsider from the house of Ravenclaw, you might wonder how do you get close to these people. Some Ravenclaws, or eagles as they are more commonly referred to, can seem unapproachable, since they either live in the library or on the quidditch pitch. I can’t even count how many times I’ve seen an enthusiastic first year Gryffindor try to talk to a Ravenclaw Prefect or Quidditch team member and they go unnoticed. Oh, don’t think that the eagles do it on purpose, oh no, they are just a focused group. The trick is to become one of them without actually becoming one of them. Get it?

First you need to learn the interests of the eagles. For example if the eagle you want to befriend is a Quidditch team member, learn about quidditch. Figure out what position they play and learn a few move names. Or if the eagle you want to get to know hangs out in the library, watch them, see what sort of books they are reading. Don’t worry that they will think you’re stalking them, truly they won’t notice, again they are focused.

Once you’ve gained some knowledge about the person you want to be friends with, then (and this is the tricky part) when you see them walking in the halls or too the pitch, DON’T TRY TO STOP THEM! No you start walking along side of them. Move (push if needed) the other eagle(s) that surrounds them, (again they are focused and will hardly notice) and start your conversation topic.

DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT try to tell them your name first and foremost. That information will come later. Start in with your, “Hey Kyrie great play last game, I liked how you did the [insert quidditch moved you learned about here].” The second you say quidditch you have the eagles’ attention. The conversation will flow from there. If you ever run out of things to say, ask questions. The Eagles love to answer questions, so you can never go wrong with too many questions.

Now, some may ask, when is it the correct time to tell a Ravenclaw your name? Truthfully there’s no need. They already know it. Yes, they are creepy like that. You just confirm it whenever they say, “You’re [enter your name here] right?” and you reply with yes. They have seldom been wrong about who another student is.

Some might think this seems like a lot of work to go through just to become friends with a Ravenclaw, but truthfully it is worth the work. Ravenclaws are loyal (almost as much as badgers) and have your back. Once you begin the friendship they will cherish it for as long it lasts. Now, all Ravenclaws are different of course, so some might be easily or harder to crack, but make it a game. How many Ravenclaws can you become friends with this year?