No Sky Pirate Shall Rule the Roost

September 2011 Ryan Granger and Prof. Scarlet Leslie

Ravenclaws were poised and ready to shower new eaglets with muffins once they entered the Roost. But they found that all their wands didn't work! It was as if someone had stolen all the magic in the Roost! Sure enough, the Aër prefects found a note from an evil Sky Pirate, which challenged the eagles to get their magic back. Eagles quickly formed crews of five. Veteran eagles of The Crew of the Flying Dutchman, Crewtons, and Ravenettes used this opportunity to guide their new eaglets. Some determined new eaglets even formed a crew of their own, namely the Silver Wings.

The Sky Pirate wasted no time and left another note on the noticeboard. She had kidnapped 10 important Ravenclaws! The crews were given a week to recover their fellow eagles. The Sky Pirate left behind cryptic clues for seven days, such as This person does not sparkle, This person will be taking OWLs this year, and This person adds a little bit of pinkness to everyone’s lives. By putting their brains together, all the eagles kidnapped were correctly identified and brought to safety. The Raving Claws were the first to finish this task in only three days, but Pavel's Pink and Purple Pirates of Perplexing and Perpetual Peril took first place in points due to four correct guesses on the first day.

Despite the loss of her victims, the Sky Pirate was not discouraged. She decided to split up the Roost's magic and store it in 25 tokens. Each token came with a different word; pandemonium was one. The tokens were scattered in hidden corners throughout the Roost. All the crews were determined to find all of the magical tokens. So determined, in fact, that Qwerty, The Raving Claws, Team Victorious, and The Bronze Talons found all 25 tokens by the end of the first day. Crews were extremely thorough and even learned some tidbits about Ravenclaw while searching the Roost!

Now that the crews found the magical tokens, the Sky Pirate had to go to her last resort - her crazy invention. Although it was not yet complete, the Sky Pirate shamelessly bragged about it. She was sure the crews did not have enough time to make a machine as powerful as hers. Little did she know, the crews figured out how to release the magic from the tokens. They simply needed to tell a story with the words on the tokens. With the help of the magic, crews also worked on inventions that were crazier than the Sky Pirate's! Phoenix Flight created a ship with a phoenix figurehead. Qwerty had tiny machines capable of destruction disguised as... beans! MrglmgrlBlawl's machine literally takes the cake with a cake-sucking gramophone.

Throughout the three weeks of this Quest for Magic, crews also answered daily trivia questions about HOL and Ravenclaw. The Sailing Sparrows were the only team to dutifully answer the trivia question correctly until the last day. Word is a hurricane or a quidditch match distracted them (but really, is there a difference between the two?).

After getting through tough challenges, losing and recovering a few crew members, and forming new friendships, Ravenclaws are now prepared to work their magic together and take the most prized trophy of all - the 2011-2012 House Cup! (A shiny even the Sky Pirate would be proud of!)