Shea's School Tips

September 2011 Shea Riddle

Study tips!

  • Take notes, notes, and more notes! Note taking is an essential to studying. Always have a notebook for each class because you never know when note taking will be needed. Try not to get distracted or doodle when it’s time to be taking notes.
  • Have a study Schedule! Set apart a time to study each week. Every other day for about an hour should be enough! This will help you have time for friends and having fun while also keeping you from forgetting about your studies. Print out this schedule and tape it to somewhere you know you will see it. Ex: Fridge, Bedroom Wall, or inside of your locker. You could also use a calendar or date book.
  • Create a study group! Studying with friends is a great idea. They can help you understand certain topics you have trouble with and vice versa. Find a nice quiet place like your local library or someone’s house. Try to keep the TV and cell phones off. If you notice your friends are starting to get off task remind them they have time to do that when you’re done studying. Take turns reading your textbooks aloud this will keep everyone’s mind on studying.
  • Color code! Using different colored highlighters will help you be able to find the certain topics you’re looking for. Cheap Multi-colored highlighters can be found at a Wal-Mart or local office supply stores. Colored pencils can also be used to underline important topics.

Classroom tips!

  • Find the fastest route to class. Use a school layout map to find the fastest possible route. Try to make minimal locker stops as possible, this will slow you down. Also, try not to talk to friends for long times on the way to class.
  • Sit somewhere smart. I know it might be tempting to sit next to your friend or in the back out of the teachers view but, it’s smart to sit where you know you can see the board or not get in trouble. If you wear glasses BRING THEM! Without them you won’t be able to see the board and that will affect your grade.
  • Be Polite. No one likes the obnoxious loud kid in class. Talk only when you’re allowed and don’t call out. Failure to do so may result in a detention and that won’t look good on your record.

Well that’s all for now! Good luck at school everyone! Remember to try your best and behave!