Library Card Sign-Up Month

September 2011 Sirithre Leylnn (Slytherin)

The American Library Association has declared September national Library Card Sign-up Month. They've been encouraging everyone to sign up or renew their public library cards! But why limit it to America? No matter where you live, if there's a library in your town, you should have a card for it.

Pretty much everyone I've met on HOL likes to read. I mean, that's a given simply based on the fact that we were all brought here by the love/extreme obsession for a particular book series, Harry Potter.

But what about other book series? I've seen tons of book clubs around the school, and I've heard many a people discussing their favorite books, and sharing reviews of ones they've just read. Why then, would you not have a library card? Sure, a lot of us love buying books and filling rows and rows of bookshelves at home. And I of course encourage you to support your favorite authors by buying copies of their books. But what if you're not sure you'll even like the title? Why not just borrow it out and decide before spending your hard earned cash on it. What if you simply don't have the money to buy all the titles you'd like to read? Don't limit yourself!

If you already have a current library card, you can celebrate this month by taking part in the Ravenclaw Library! If you haven't been there yet, definitely take a look. All sorts of amazing stories and muffin recipes await you there. You can read through the submissions your fellow students have made, or you can participate in the Library Challenges and earn shiny awards!

Even those of you who aren't writers by nature can participate, as they also accept art and photography challenges.

So whether you're a Ravenclaw or not, head down to your local library and sign up for a card! Once you're done, definitely check out the massive collection of poetry, fiction, and artwork that has been submitted over the last few years to our very own Ravenclaw Library.