A Day in the Life of Ravenclaw

September 2011 Maya Winters

A day in the life of a Ravenclaw on IRC: Summer (using the awesomeness that is Paint)

One summer day in #ravenclaw, four ops were sitting around, chilling, thinking about the things you do...okay, well the things they do. Some of them may not be fully sane...

It was around this point that the first newbie of the day arrived.

Now it is unclear if the above event in any way worsened Prof. Lobiesk's day, but clearly her day was not going as planned.

It was somewhere around this point that Kirra showed up.

After much coercing Kirra did return, and resumed her usual activity...

Maya had thankfully been more or less silent all day. Maya only broke this silence with moment of clear intellectual genius when Cassie forgot herself, singing "BOOM BOOM BOOM, even brighter than the MOON MOON MOOOOOON!"

And well, Alexia just suffered, as the others abandoned her to the joy of "n00bs".