Year of Life

September 2011 Krizia Chambers

Time turns the seasons
From the start until the end
We watch spring rebirth?
Become summers love; then
Autumns dusk and winters death.

Sunlight will warm me
And grass growing plush and green
Will cushion my back
As spring is coming to me
I open my arms with joy.

Come sit beside me
Come here by the water’s edge
Listen to the sound
Of the crickets and the frogs
As our heartbeats, join the choir.

Leaves fall around me,
Twirling, dancing everywhere
Help me gather them
Pile them high and deep
Now, friends hold my hand and help me leap.

I used to live free
Full of life- learning at will
But spring has left me
And like-wise summer and fall
Now winter come upon me.

We have seen the year
Grow from birth to death
The seasons have changed
As did the life within them
Time turns the year once again.